One way to get your teen excited about the career he's interested in by turning his bedroom into a beacon of encouragement. Depending on the career he wants to enter, you can find resources from a variety of sources and at affordable prices. When your teen walks in the room you created he will become more motivated to succeed and build a good life for himself.

Career Oriented Room For Teens

Nursing Themed Room

If your child wants to work in nursing when she leaves high school, you can put posters of well known and influential nurses on her wall and place a stylish first aid kit on her nightstand. Place an area rug that has the definition of the various systems of the body in front of the bed and stock her desk with medical dictionaries and journals related to the medical profession. For her bed you can buy one that resembles the kind that is used in hospitals.

Chef's impression for child bedroom

Chef's Private Oasis

Children aspiring to be chefs should have a fun room that inspires them to work hard at entering the culinary arts field. Place a wooden cupboard on the side of the child's bed and decorate it with plastic pots, pans and dinnerware. Paint the walls in bold colors that remind the child of cooking such as yellow, green, purple, tomato red or gold. Put food-related bedding on his bed and on his nightstand place a cookbook. You can also put a dry erase board in your teen's room where he can get practice in designing menus and writing out recipes.

Musicians in Training

Your daughter wants to be a recording artist and you can decorate her room as is if she were at a live concert. Drape some satin curtains around your daughter's bed to make her feel as if she is on stage even as she sings to herself in the bed. Purchase a karaoke set so she can practice her singing and put posters of today's hottest recording artists on the wall.
Career Oriented Room For Teens

A Place  To Write

For the aspiring writer, place an antique style desk and chair in your teen's room and place a brass stationery holder on the desk. Place some decorative pens in the stationery holder and on top of the desk place a blank journal so your teen can write his thoughts and ideas out. Put a neutral toned bookcase in his room and fill it with his favorite writing tutorial books and magazines.

writer teen bedroom

Room For The Aspiring Entrepreneur

If you teen is preparing to become an entrepreneur, create a room for him that resembles the life of a business owner. Bring your teen to a professional photographer and have him dress up in a business suit and die. Then blow this picture up and place it on the front of the door. For the room set up a mini home office with a mini laptop, file cabinet for his school assignments and a sturdy chair with a leather set. In conclusion, creating a career themed room inspires your child to succeed as an adult.

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