A studio apartment may not offer you a lot of space to decorate your living room but it doesn't mean that you cannot create a comfortable and stylish space in the studio apartment. Here are some ideas on decorating the living room in your studio apartment.
A Living Room for A Studio Apartment

Buy A Decorative Room Partition
If you're trying to carve out a neat living room space for your studio apartment, start by purchasing a room partition to separate the living room space. The partition can be in a color or pattern that best matches the theme and color of your apartment overall or you may decide to design the living room space based on the colors of the room partition.
Buy A Decorative Room Partition

Incorporate Small Furniture Pieces With Built In Storage Pieces

When you're designing a living room for a studio apartment you want to stay away from bulk furniture since it takes up too much space in the living room. Use smaller pieces of furniture that also serves as storage for your items. An ottoman that offers storage inside of it works well for storing your magazines and books. And you can place a small coffee table in the living room with built in drawers for your house keys, car keys and incoming mail.
Get A Sofa Bed

Instead of buying a sofa and a bed for the studio apartment, save space by purchasing a sofa bed for the living room and making the living room your all purpose area. Measure the space before purchasing the sofa bed.

Get A Sofa Bed

Use A Vertical Plant Hanger

For those who are using colorful houseplants in the living room, get a vertical plant hanger and place it in the far corner of your living room space. This keeps your living room from becoming cluttered and your plants will still get adequate natural light.

Go Retro With The Wall Color

To add the wow factor to your studio apartment, ask the landlord if you can paint the living room wall a different color and if he gives you the green light you can paint your wall in a retro color. If you were a kid in the 70s you can paint the wall a wild color such as lime green, bright yellow, teal, red or powder blue with polka dot wall decals on the wall.
Go Retro With The Wall Color

Include A Floor Lamp

Since you're using your sofa as an all purpose tool, purchase a floor lamp so that you'll have the lighting you need for nighttime hours. You can place your coffee table in front of the sofa and near your floor lamp so that you'll see well while doing work. Another idea is to install a black chandelier on the living room ceiling.


A studio apartment has more benefits than disadvantages and the key is to decorate it in such a way that you save space and make it as attractive as possible. You don't have to spend a fortune because most home décor stores sell inexpensive items.

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