If you wear nautica clothing a lot or if you want to design a bedroom based on the cruises you've gone on, then you can design a nautica themed bedroom. The nautica theme includes pieces of home décor items that resemble ships and boats, and colors such as red, white, gray and blue are common with this theme. Incorporate stripes on the walls and add a mixture of vintage and contemporary fixtures in a nautica bedroom. If you have a beach house, you can get some sea shells and use them as part of the design.
  Bring The Cruise To Your Bedroom With Nautica Theme

 Use Dark Wooden Flooring

This color of flooring works well in nautical themed bedrooms because it complements the red, white, gray and blue furniture and decorative pieces in the bedroom. In addition to the dark flooring you can place a multicolored area rug in front of the bed to keep the floor from looking too dull and uninteresting.
Bring The Cruise To Your Bedroom With Nautica Theme

Sculptures of Sea Creatures

Since nautical themes include inspiration from the sea, it makes sense to include small sculptures of sea creatures such as lobsters, whales, sharks and dolphins. Look for colorful sculptures and place them on your nightstand, mantel or bedroom dresser. Don't overcrowd the bedroom with the sculptures.

Paint Walls Blue And Complementary Nautical Color

Since blue is a major color in nautical design, you can paint the walls blue and paint the trims above the wall in complementary nautical colors such as white, red or gray. There are diverse shades of blue so look at the different kinds to determine which shade of blue works the best for you.

Wicker Furniture

For the nautical bedroom wicker furniture looks fantastic and you can place a wicker wastebasket, desk chair or storage bin that can be placed under the bed so that the clutter will not ruin the bedroom's overall beauty. Wicker vases filled with seashells also look neat in nautical bedrooms.

Incorporate Nautical Themed Accessories

One idea is to purchase some lifeboats and place them on the bedroom as décor and another thing to do is to place patriotic themed nautical pillows on the bed to add color to the bedroom. A world map or globe would look nice in a nautical themed bedroom and other accessories include a vintage compass, thick ropes or rope shaped decorative items, and print nautical curtains.
Nautical Themed Accessories

Put An Oar On Bedroom Door

The oar is found on most ships and to add a nautical touch to your bedroom, place an oar on the bedroom door and wrap a blue or red scarf around the oar. The oar is sturdy and it adds the masculine touch to a bedroom if you don't want the room to be too feminine for your husband.
Oar On Bedroom Door


The nautical theme in a bedroom looks amazing and it is suitable for people of all ages. When decorating in nautical style you want to get inspiration from a variety of sources and those sources include the boat you ride on, military history, and nautical clothing that some people wear.

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