The type of kitchen lighting which is going to work best will depend on the area where the lighting will be placed. For example the best lighting to use in storage areas, preparation areas and clean-up areas will vary. Lighting is very important to the aesthetics, functionality, and mood and should therefore be well thought out before making this important decision. In certain areas of the kitchen where visibility is essential such as work areas where food preparation takes place lighting should be carefully placed to ensure proper visibility and should be brighter then general lighting placement.
In storage areas kitchen lighting is important as well so that you can properly find everything you need with ease. In storage areas where soft lighting is not distributed evenly finding the items you need can be quite a chore. Recess lighting is a great option for storage areas because it can create lighting which stretches out across the span of the storage space evenly. If remodeling your kitchen, you may want to consider installing a window in the storage area to provide even natural lighting without increasing your energy bills. Task lighting can be used in small areas where extra visibility is needed as well such as in areas where canned goods and 
spices are stored.
 To light up the inside of cabinets with glass inlay doors, you can add small recess lights which will allow you to proudly display your prized dishes. If you are looking for general lighting options you can choose a decorative chandelier or lighting fixture which will apply soft general lighting to the entire kitchen. Consider the size of your kitchen when choosing general kitchen lighting fixtures to ensure that the size of the light suits the size of your kitchen. Pendant lighting can also be a great option for kitchens with elevated ceilings. Pendant lights are commonly approximately 30” from the base of the ceiling so they will not work well in small kitchens with low ceilings. 
Decorative and display lighting may also be used in a kitchen as well and should be soft and muted. These accent lights can add a touch of elegance to any kitchen space and will create an instant focal point in the room when displayed in areas where paintings or other decorative elements are displayed. Choosing the right kitchen lighting can be a difficult task if you do not consider the size of the kitchen, the area of placement and the amount of light needed. However, if you follow these helpful tips you can create a beautiful kitchen space that is well lit and beautifully accented with the right lighting choices.

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