You want to give your bedroom a makeover but you only have $500 in your budget and you're stumped for ideas on how you can decorate the room inexpensively. There are several ways to pull it off and this depends on your personal tastes and your spouse's preferences as well as the amount of space you have in your bedroom.

Decorate Your Bedroon with less budget

Take Advantage of Bedroom Furniture Sales

If you want a new dresser or mattress for your bed, you save money by checking out the sales at different furniture stores. Look for a dresser that is in line with the overall bedroom's theme. For example, if you have an Art Deco style you would buy a dresser that has an elegant gold or silver rimmed mirror built on top of it. Also shop for a new nightstand and a small chair to renovate the bedroom.

Bedroom Furniture Sales
Repaint Your Walls

Another inexpensive way to decorate your bedroom is to paint your walls a new color. Talk with your spouse to get an idea of which paint colors he would like and if what he likes is not what you like, come to a compromise in choosing the paint color. If he thinks the paint color should be a coffee color but you like mint green, use both colors in painting the walls.

Get A New Bedding Set

Changing your bedding is an excellent way to decorate your bedroom cheaply and make sure that the bedding's colors complement the new wall colors you used in the renovation. You don't have to visit a major department store to purchase new bedding because online retailers and discount bedding stores offer affordable bedding sets.

Get A New Bedding Set
Add New Blinds or Curtains

Blinds and curtains are stylish for a bedroom and they come in neat colors and patterns. Before you buy the blinds or curtains you want to measure the windows so that you'll know the right size to get for that space.

Use Pendant Lights

Give your bedroom a romantic and budget-friendly touch by adding soft yet bright enough pendant lights to the room. If you want energy efficiency get LED pendant lights since LED lights do not give off a lot of heat and they last longer than incandescent lights.


Instead of Carpeting, Buy A Medium Sized Area Rug

Carpeting gets pricey and if you want your bedroom floor to look beautiful, lay a medium sized area rug in front of or on the side of the bed. If necessary, add a fresh coat of varnish to the floor unless you want a more distressed look to the floor.


Decorating your bedroom inexpensively doesn't mean you have to resort to boring furniture or decorative items because nowadays most stores carry beautiful bedroom décor items at decent prices. The best times to take advantage of sales for furniture are during holiday sales, clearance sales and “going out of business sales”, and even some thrift stores and flea markets sell affordable pieces for the bedroom.

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