Are you tired of the plain contemporary bedroom design and you want a change in how the room looks? Then you can design a unique and eclectic bedroom that has a slight hipster twist to it. All it takes is some fun home accessories and select focal furniture pieces and you'll have an eclectic bedroom in no time. 

Neutral Tones Serve As Grounding of Other Colors

When you design an eclectic bedroom, you don't want a single hued room but instead you would start with neutral tones as the basis to lay other colors on to create a beautiful palette of colors.
You may decide to put a gold brass bed frame with matress in the bedroom while having a teal colored nightstand and a metallic silver painted dresser situated a few feet from the bed. Or you may have a wooden frame bed with a yellow nightstand, black chandelier and a medium sized red nightstand.
 Paint Your Walls in Bold Colors
A part of having a hipster-style eclectic bedroom is bold colors for the walls and there are several to choose from for this kind of bedroom. If you love deep colors for the fall, paint the walls teal, royal blue, burgundy or an emerald green but if it's spring you can pair one of the dark colors with white, mint green or peach. Eclectic rooms are colorful ones so keep this in mind during the decorating process.

Get Global With Your Bedroom Design

Another way to add something eclectic to your bedroom is to incorporate pieces from different countries into the bedroom. Purchase a Moroccan style area rug and place it in front of the bed and you can also put one or two pieces of traditional Asian art on your nightstand or dresser. A bamboo vase filled with tree branches are also neat for a global themed eclectic bedroom.
 Paint Stripes on Your Bedroom Walls
This is another neat way to create an eclectic bedroom. Start by painting your walls antique white or gray and once the paint dries completely, paint colored stripes on the walls. Don't use a striped bedspread, furniture or pilows because this makes the room look overly striped. You can get an Art Deco style black or oak dresser to complement the striped walls.

Let The Furniture Go Unfurnished

 In most eclectic bedrooms, not all of the furniture is polished and highly decorative unlike other bedroom decorating styles and instead you want to use unfurnished and distressed furniture that has a rustic yet still modern look.


An eclectic bedroom is mainly about your own personal style but without cluttering different designs in the room. Designing your bedroom this way is fun and there are diverse themes you can use that borrow from different decades. For example, you can combine the 60s bohemian look with a few touches of Art Deco from the 1920s and 30s. Or you may blend Parisian design with a little 21st century contemporary design.

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