Most children are particular about how they want their rooms to be designed and before you renovate your son's room you want to talk with him to get suggestions on how he would like the room to be designed. Also think about your son's favorite things to play with or his favorite movies and use this as inspiration for decorating his room. Look for design themes that are unique but that are still in line with what your son likes. Here are ideas for decorating your boy's room.
How to decorate your boy room

Safari Themed Bedroom

Your boy can pretend that he's in a wild safari with a safari themed room. Paint the walls a light gray and mocha color, and include safari style accessories such as a giraffe shaped table lamp, leopard print rug, a black and brown bedspread and posters on the wall filled with a variety of animals such as zebras, lions, tigers and colorful birds.

How to decorate your boy room

Social Studies Theme

If you have a preteen son whose favorite subject is social studies, create a room based on what he likes to learn about in social studies class. For example, if your son enjoys reading about the events of World War II, you can paint a mural of World War II  soldiers and engines or you can put wall decals that pertain to this era on the walls. Put some factory pieces on your son's bookcase and you can use some industrial furniture.

Use Some Bold Colors To Paint His Room

Talk with your son to get his input on how he wants the walls painted and choose a color that goes well with the room's theme. Some good colors for a boy's room include lime, powder blue, black/white, burgundy/gray, deep red, yellow/brown and silver/navy blue. The paint color should be one that will grow with the boy for years to come.
Use Some Bold Colors To Paint your son's Room

Include A Vintage Trunk To Use For Toy Storage

Instead of the typical toy chest, you can buy an unfurnished vintage trunk to use as storage for your son's toys. Have your son paste photos from kids' magazines to the outside of and top of the trunk for extra flair but don't clutter the trunk with photos.
Trunk To Use For Toy Storage IN YOUR SON ROOM

Use Sports Bedding

If your son plays sports after school, include a sports theme in the room and one of the best ways to do this is use sports themed bedding. If his favorite basketball team is the Miami Heat, get a bedding set based on the team from a local bedding store or sporting goods retailer. Also use a rug that is shaped like a basketball.
Ideas For Decorating Your Boy's Room


There is no limit to how you can decorate your son's room; it depends on your son's preferences and the size of your boy's room. Make sure you don't use multiple design schemes in the same space because this makes his room appear cluttered. Enjoy the process of designing the room and have snacks in between working on the room.

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