So your child loves everything about nature and his favorite activity is helping you plant flowers and vegetables in the backyard. You can create a make believe garden in your child's room that will make him smile inside and out. The garden theme is broad so try to narrow the theme to something specific to keep the design process organized.
Paint The Walls in Vibrant Colors

Paint The Walls in Vibrant Colors
The garden has bold colored flowers and vegetables so you should transfer them to your walls. Tomato red is excellent for the walls but you can also paint the walls lavender and use a mint green as an accent color for the trims. Once you're finished painting the walls, put some garden themed artwork that has children it on the wall and you can install a bookcase over your child's bed and put small garden accessories on the bookcase.

Use Terracotta Plant Pots in your kids room
Use Terracotta Plant Pots
On the side of your child's dresser or near the entry door, place a medium sized terracotta plant pot in your child's room and fill it with dirt and toy plants inside of the dirt. Have the child take colored markers and draw flowers and vegetables around the outside of the terracotta plant.
Use Floral Bedding in The Room
Floral bedding looks spectacular in a girl's garden themed room and to make it extra special, purchase a lace comforter and sheet set so she will feel like a princess in her own garden. Buy bedding that fits the size of her bed and let her pick out the bedding set she wants.
Create A Seed Packet Studded Desk
Another way to add fun to your child's garden themed room is to create a desk with empty packets of vegetable seeds. This is educational for the child because he is learning how to identify vegetables by name and by looking at the picture. You can also use this as a conversation piece by discussing the health benefits of those vegetables.
Stock The Child's Room With Garden Themed Picture Books
If your child is a huge fan of the garden and picture books, combine those interests by stocking his room with garden themed picture books. Include about five to ten  of them and look for books that would stimulate the child's interest in reading.
The garden is a place where you can use your creativity to build a crop of healthy produce and beautiful flowers, and with a garden themed room you teach your child the benefits of nature and how we should care for it regularly. You're also instilling in your child a desire to take on gardening as he or she gets older. Don't make the room too childish because you want a room that grows with your child over the years although you still should have age appropriate decor. Safety is important so if you have a toddler or school age kid, don't use decorative items with spikes, wires or anything that will be a hazard to your child.

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