If you want a romantic touch to your bedroom, consider decorating it in French country style. French country style is rustic and it includes the use of soft colors, frilly bedding materials such as lace and tulle, and the use of antique furniture and decorative items in the bedroom. One idea is to place two large painted vases in the bedroom since it adds a sophisticated and feminine look to the bedroom. Room dividers can also be placed in the bedoom but if your bedroom is small, use only one divider to maintain space in the room.
Keep The Flooring Vintage And Charming
For the bedroom flooring, you should use old school flooring that resembles the rest of the rustic nature of French country style. You can install dark wooden flooring, stone flooring or even tile flooring in a French country bedroom but avoid all contemporary style flooring as it makes the room look mismatched and unauthentic.

Bring Toile Into The Design

Toile is a tradititional fabric where the fabric is generally in colors white, beige or yellow and the fabric has elegant images printed on it. You can purchase a toile bedspread and sheets for the bedroom or you can place a nightstand in the bedroom and drape it with a toile cloth. Some home decorators use toile curtains and rugs for this style in the bedroom.

Tiffany Style Lamps And Chandeliers

As for the lighting, use Tiffany style lamps and chandeliers to add an elegant touch to your French country style bedroom. Ideally you would use brass chandeliers but some decorators use silver and even black chandeliers. This kind of lighting works the best for this style.

Consider A Canopy For The Bedroom

Nothing says French country style than a large canopy draped with lace or silk curtains. Look for a canopy with brass headboard and frames since this is more in line with the overall theme. Canopies look amazing in bedrooms and if your little girl enjoys frilly themed bedrooms, place a canopy in her room.

Place An Antique Vanity Set In The Bedroom

Antique vanity sets are also essential in creating a French country bedroom and some good colors for the vanity set are black, white or gold. Another idea is to buy a distressed wooden vanity set to make the bedroom look more rustic.

Paint Your Walls White

White is an important color with this design and you should paint your walls white but have a light yellow or beige as an accent color. Also include a few pieces of white furniture or small decorative pieces to complement the white color in the room.


With these tips you'll have a bedroom that is romantic, simple, and elegant. If you're on a budget visit thrift stores and flea markets for inexpensive items and buy furniture on sale to save money. This design is easy to create and it is a timeless look that lasts generations.

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