Having an office in your home is a necessity regardless your career or your life conditions as all of us have to site to manage some works at home from time to time. Here you some basic notes about how to set Up Your Home Office.

1- Consider The Space You Need For The Home Office

You want to think about how much space you need for the home office when setting it up. The basement is ideal if you need a lot of room to set up your equipment such as desktop computer, printer, tables and chairs for your clients, stereo system and other home accessories. If you only need small space for your home office, you can turn your oldest son's old bedroom into the home office since he moved out and has his own apartment.

2- Have Good Lighting For The Home Office

It is also important that you have the most efficient lighting for the home office and there are several ways to do it. You can install some track or recessed lights above your work desk and then have a medium sized table lamp to help you see well when working at night. During the day you can open your blinds to get in natural light and to cut down on energy costs. LED lights are better than incandescent lights because LED lights burn less heat.

3- Get  Separate Phone Line For The Office
Another thing you should do is get a separate phone line for the home office because it makes you appear professional and you don't have to share this phone with other family members who tend to use the phone frequently and not allow equal time for others to use it. Another option is to have your personal cell phone serve as your business phone too.

4- Stock Office With Necessary Equipment and Accessories

Aside from your computer and printer, there are other necessities for the home office that you should include and these are desks, a chair, the latest computer software, surge protector, stationery such as typing paper, notepads and pens, and two to three file cabinets. A paper shredder should also be in the home office.


It's not hard to set up an efficient home office if you have the right equipment and if you plan correctly. Don't be afraid of used furniture or even a used computer because these would still work well for the office and they're suited to your budget. Finally, you want to reduce clutter in the office by occasionally throwing out items you no longer need.

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