Although many of us do not consider the effect that our lawn care has on the environment. The truth is that lawn care in America contributes to as much as 5% of the air pollution here in America due to the frequent mowing of our lawns. Not only this, but more than twenty thousand gallons of water are used each year by Americans who regularly water their lawn throughout the summer months. When you combine these statistics with the fact that lawn care products such as weed killer and fertilizer are loaded with harmful chemicals and you can see why lawn care needs to become more eco-friendly.

Rain Water Collection 

One great way to conserve water while still keeping your lawn looking good is to collect the water from the rain and use it for later watering. All it takes is to place a couple of rain barrels in your yard to collect the water from Mother Nature. 

Don’t Over Water 

Many people water their lawns too frequently without even realizing it. A great way to tell if you are watering too much is to check your sidewalk or driveway for signs of moss. If you really want to be sure that you are conserving water you can purchase a moisture meter for your lawn to show you when you need to water. 

Don’t Use the Hose on Driveways & Sidewalks

Often time’s people use their hose to spray off sidewalks and driveways without thinking about chemicals that this can carry. Many harmful chemicals and pesticides can be carried in the run off which are then carried to sewers polluting the water system. 

Use a Manual Lawn Mower

If you are serious about becoming an environmentally friendly consumer then you should sell your as powered mower and replace it with a push mower. Due to the frequency which you must mow your lawn, this change can help to dramatically cut down on pollution. 

Eliminate the Leaf Blower

Although it can often come in handy during the fall months, you should eliminate the leaf blower in order to help out the environment. Most leaf blowers are gas powered and produce high levels of carbon into the air. Although it may be more time consuming, a rake is a better option for the environment. 

Use All-Natural Lawn Care Products 

Most lawn care products such as weed killers, fertilizers and plant food are packed with toxic and harmful chemicals that are terrible for the environment. When purchasing your lawn care products look for earth friendly options in order to do your part. 

Choose Native Plants 

Plants which are native to your region are a great choice for your lawn. The reason for this is because these plants will adapt to the soil, climate and water levels. This means that you will have to water less and take less care then other plants not native to your region. 

Consider Synthetic Grass

If you live in an area that is prone to drought, you should consider synthetic grass as it does not require watering. Although you can grow grass in areas prone to drought it requires large amounts of water to do so, synthetic grass is an environmentally friendly alternative.

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