If you're into the contemporary look for your kitchen, you can create an all black kitchen that looks sophisticated yet casual at the same time. Start by purchasing some black kitchen cabinets or painting your current cabinets black. When you paint the kitchen cabinets black you'll need to sand them before applying the primer and black paint. Once you install the black kitchen cabinets, you can put some brass or silver knobs on them to offset the solid black color in the cabinets.

Use Granite Countertops

Granite is excellent in balancing the black appliances and cabinets in the kitchen and it is also affordable. Having a granite countertop makes your all black kitchen look luxurious without breaking the bank. You can purchase a granite countertop that has a black/white combination, red/brown combination or a beige/gray combination.

Get A Retro Black Refrigerator

Instead of the traditional standard black refrigerator, you can purchase a vintage style black refrigerator for the all black kitchen. The size you choose for the black refrigerator depends on your needs and personal preference.

Use Black And Red Placemats

For your black kitchen table, use black and red placemats on it to add a touch of color to the all black kitchen. In addition to the black and red placemats, you can place tall red glasses and red dinnerware on the table for decorative purposes.

Black and Red Metal Bar Stools

If you installed a kitchen island, create a bar-like atmosphere by putting three to five black and red metal bar stools. The stools don't have to be big and to decorate the stools, wrap some red fabric around the metal legs of the stools.

White Hanging Pot Rack

Just above the counter you can install a white hanging pot rack for your pots and pans and this makes for excellent storage if your kitchen is small. This pot rack can also be used to hang your large cooking spoons, cutlery and even some of your most used cookbooks.

Incorporate Black and White Art On The Walls

The black and white art offsets the black color in the kitchen and you want to choose artwork that goes with the kitchen theme. For example, if your all black kitchen has a roaring 20s theme, you would use artwork that symbolized the events of that decade such as the popularity of jazz and flapper women at the clubs.

Use A Stainless Steel Stove/Oven

Stainless steel goes well in an all black kitchen and you can install a stainless steel stove/oven in the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances are easy to clean and they last many years. Most appliance stores have discounts on stainless steel appliances so they're not as expensive as they were in previous years. In conclusion, with these additions to your all black kitchen, you can enjoy a contemporary and efficient space for preparing meals. You can find inexpensive home decor accessories for this kitchen by going to thrift stores and flea markets.

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