Americana is a type of design that emphasizes the vintage side of American culture and it is somewhat primitive although mostly colonial style and folksy in nature. This decorative style is ideal for those who want a charming and old school look to the living room. The good news is that Americana decorating is inexpensive to pull off since flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores and antique shops all have affordable furniture and decorative items for an Americana living room.
Paint The Wall in Earth Tones

Paint The Wall in Earth Tones
Because an Americana style living room would contain wooden furniture, a few brass or chrome fixtures and colorful artwork, the best tones to use in painting walls would be earth tones such as beige, antique white, gray or a light tan. These colors best reflect natural light and they complement the living room well.

Build A Stone Fireplace

Build A Stone Fireplace

Nothing says traditional Americana like a stone fireplace because it captures the essence of what colonial American style is all about. Use multicolored stones to decorate the fireplace and once the fireplace is finished, you can add a wicker vase on each side of the fireplace and fill the basket with tree branches.

Line The Sofa With Patterned Quilt

Another idea for creating an Americana style living room is to drape your sofa with a  large patterned quilt in colors such as red, blue, white, light yellow and gray. The quilt can also have images of farm animals, people during colonial times, garden vegetables and green trees with flowers on them.

Use Dark Wooden Floors in your living room

Use Dark Wooden Floors

Medium or light oak wooden floors work nicely for an Americana living room but there is something about dark wooden floors that add a richness to the overall look. There are several dark oak finishes to choose from at the hardware store and these floors complement the furniture and collectibles well.

Place A Colonial Style Wagon in Living Room

Wagons were a major form of transporting items in colonial American history and you can add the colonial touch by putting a medium sized vintage wagon next to the sofa and use it as storage for your books and magazines. You can paint the wagon red or blue to match the rest of the colors in the living room.

Americana Decorating Ideas For The Living Room

Line Your Wall With Hanging Canisters

Canisters were often used in mid 19th through early 20th centuries and you can build a hanging rack on the area above the sofa and hang some canisters from companies that existed during those centuries such as Kellogg's, Coca Cola, Hershey's and Post Foods.


It doesn't take a lot to create a piece of Americana in your living room when you use the above mentioned solutions. This theme makes the iving room appear comfortable and inviting to guests, and it gives you an opportunity to preserve American history in your home without paying too much money for it. This theme can be modified over the years and can easily be transformed into another vintage style such as Art Deco.

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