In the hopes of creating a better environment, more homeowners are choosing green remodeling and they find that this saves them money on rising energy bills. You may feel that it is too expensive to renovate your home in a green way but with some small changes and the addition of new equipment, your home will be greener over the next few years. Check with the local and state because you may qualify for tax credits for going green in the home.

Are You Ready For A Green Home Renovation?

Remodel With Recycled And Salvaged Materials

When you remodel your home with recycled and salvaged materials, you go green and save money at the same time. Visit thrift stores and other places throughout your area to find recycled building materials and home decor accessories.

Use Eco Friendly Flooring

The best types of flooring for a greener home is to install green flooring such as carpet or wood flooring. Cork and bamboo flooring are also environmentally friendly. If traditional hardwood flooring is too expensive for you, install laminate flooring in a light or dark color. Measure your space before buying the flooring so that you're getting the amount you need.

Put Energy Efficient Appliances In The Home

Another way to renovate your home in an Eco friendly way is to put energy efficient appliances in the home since they assist in lowering your energy bill. When buying the appliances look for the “Energy Star” label on them. Most energy efficient appliances have built in timers and other features that keep them from running for hours at a time and these appliances look stylish too.

Put Non-VOC Paint On The Walls

Paint that contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are not good for the home, especially if there are children and pets in the home. It is better to use paint on the walls that do not contain VOCs as this is safer for the home and environment.

Hire Someone Who Specializes in Green Remodeling

If your home renovation requires a lot more work, then you can hire a professional who specializes in green remodeling. Just like any other contractor you would ask him how long he has been in business, if he is licensed, which expenses are included in the overall price and his level of expertise in green home building. Sketch out a design plan to show to him during the in-home consultation and discuss specific ways in which you want to green your home.
Consider Solar Panels

This is a greener alternative to using traditional electricity and it saves you money on energy bills. Research different companies before making a choice and when the panels are installed, ask questions on how you can use them efficiently and maintain them.


Creating a greener home doesn't have to be expensive or take up a lot of time when you plan the renovation in advance. Read different books on this topic and get input from your spouse before deciding on the renovation to avoid conflict.

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