Asian decor has sophistication and simplicity, and this is a theme that works great in a bathroom. You want the Asian look in your bathroom but you don't know where to get inspiration from. Read some interior design magazines to learn about what constitutes Asian decor and you can also talk with people who incorporated this style in their bathrooms.

Designing The Japanese Way
When you're buying cabinets for the Japanese themed bathroom, stick with dark colored ones that do not have a lot of fancy stenciling or other designs on it since simplicity is essential in Japanese bathroom design. As for the lighting, there are not many restrictions although it would be a good idea to install focused task lighting in the house. When painting the walls you would stick to neutral tones for a more relaxing tone to this themed bathroom. Accessorize the room with a glass vase and fill it with green plant leaves or bamboo shoots.

Incorporate A Large Deep Tub
In Japan, the bathtub is deeper and is separate from the other sections of the bathroom. To be authentic to Japanese tradition in bathroom design, don't have the toilet and changing area in the same room as the bathtub. Instead the toilet and vanity could be placed in another section of the bathroom and divided by a room partition. The main activity in tub within Japanese culture is to primarily soak and this is why the washing is done in a separate area.

 Add Some Orange and Red To The Bathroom
While Japanese bathroom design does not make use of bold colors, other countries in Asia mat incorporate these colors into their bathroom design. You can paint the wall a deep red and then place a vase filled with orange and green flowers next to the toilet.  Also put up some traditional Asian artwork on the walls.

Bamboo Flooring
Since bamboo is native to Asia, bamboo flooring is ideal for an Asian themed bathroom. This flooring is durable and Eco-friendly, and it comes in a variety of shades. Bamboo flooring is also inexpensive but if you are not able to find bamboo flooring where you are, use laminate flooring or ceramic tile flooring.

Use Teak Wood Accessories
Teak wood has a simple elegance that makes for good decor in an Asian themed bathroom and you can put some small teak wood accessories on the shelf in the bathroom and another idea is to install a teak wood medicine cabinet above the bathroom vanity.

The reason some people like Asian themed bathrooms is because they're not cluttered and they look calming and classy at the same time. You don't have to break the bank in order to renovate the bathroom in this style because the Internet has plenty of retailers that sell what you need to pull it off at affordable prices. Finally, this style comes with low maintenance and this is always good for busy families who struggle with trying to maintain cleanliness in the home.

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