It has been over ten years since you remodeled your bathroom and you want a relaxing oasis that helps you relieve the day's stresses but you don't want to pay a fortune to do it. While you should expect to pay extra funds for any renovation, there are ways to remodel the bathroom on a budget.

Get Rid Of The Boring Cabinets

A cost efficient way to remodel the bathroom is to update those darb cabinets and install new ones. If you can't afford to purchase new cabinets, you can give your cabinets the wow factor just by painting them in a new color or giving the cabinets a different stain other than the one they have now. Once the cabinets are repainted, put new brass or chrome knobs on them for extra pizzazz.

Install New Light Fixtures

If you've had wall sconces as the bathroom's main source of lighting for a long time, switch up and install pendant lights, a black or red chandelier, track lights or a huge recessed light in the bathroom ceiling. To adjust lighting the way you want, install a dimmer in addition to the light fixtures.

Add Mosaic Tile Backsplash Behind Bathroom Sink

This adds a relaxing look the bathroom and mosaic tiles come in colors such as beige, white, light blue, red, gold and gray. If you're decorating the bathroom mostly in neutral colors, a mosaic tile backsplash in a pastel color would balance out the neutral tones in the design.

Mint Green And Gray Bathroom

Mint green and gray bring the beach to your bathroom and you can paint the walls these colors while adding accessories to the bathroom that complement the bathroom colors such as seashells, vases with images of fish on them, glass tile flooring or ceramic flooring, tall dark wicker vase filled with white or yellow flowers, and powder blue towels or shower curtains.

How About An Art Deco Bathroom Renovation?

For those who are obsessed with all things vintage, you can bring old school flair to your bathroom renovation with an Art Deco themed bathroom. Install black-and-white checkerboard tile flooring in the bathroom and pain the wall beige and red. Put an oak pedestal sink and a white antique-style tub that has claw feet under them in brass or chrome. Put a large poster of a scene from the 1920s on the bathroom wall and install a recessed Tiffany light fixture in the room.

Half Bath, Half Reading Room

If you have a larger bathroom, you can divide your bathroom where part of it would serve as a reading room. For the reading room place a white comfortable chair along with a medium sized rack for placing books and magazines on. Then you can place a decorative floral room partition in the middle of the bathroom to separate the two areas. In the reading room lay down ceramic tile and paint the wall a different color from the main bathroom. Finally, when you use these ideas your bathroom looks more attractive.

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