Besides the lighting( previous post), flooring is an important part of kitchen design and you should choose flooring that not only looks good but that is also safe and suitable for high traffic since the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home. Start by looking through different flooring samples from the home improvement store and then research different kinds of flooring material to determine which one is the safest and most durable.

Marble Kitchen Flooring

Marble Kitchen Flooring
Marble flooring derives from the slabs of stone found in various parts of the world, and when you buy marble flooring you get flooring in numerous colors, you add a fancy and sophisticated touch to the kitchen, particularly if you have an elegant themed kitchen design. Marble flooring picks up natural light well and the polish on the marble also looks wonderful.

Cork Kitchen Flooring

Cork Flooring

This kind of flooring is excellent for high traffic areas such as the kitchen because of its' soft texture and the rich brown color. Cork is Eco-friendly in that it comes from the bark of oak trees and cork floor is easy to install and maintain.

Sandstone Kitchen Flooring

Sandstone Flooring

Sandstone flooring works nice for a kitchen because of the earthy colors brown, beige and gray. This flooring is also lovely because just like cork and marble, it is derived from natural materials rather than manufactured materials that could hurt the environment. You can walk on sandstone flooring without having splinters in the feet or exerting excess pressure on it. The drawback to sandstone flooring is that it gets easily damaged after liquid spills. This flooring is also susceptible to minor scratches.

Walnut And Cherry Laminate Flooring

This goes well in the kitchen because of the aesthetic beauty that enhances the kitchen and laminate flooring is also affordable since most flooring stores sell it at discount prices every few weeks. This kind of flooring has a slight shine to it and it is not hard to maintain. Complement this flooring with stainless steel or white appliances along with industrial style tables and chairs.

Bamboo kitchen Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring comes from the bamboo plant and this is what makes it eco-friendly. Bamboo also feels nice to the touch and it looks stylish in the kitchen. Bamboo is generally affordable to purchase and the installation process is simple.

Traditional Hardwood kitchen Flooring
Traditional Hardwood Flooring

The durability of hardwood flooring is one of the best reasons to use it for the kitchen. When you use this flooring you also increase the value of your home over the years and you can choose from a variety of patterns and finishing. Hardwood flooring is more expensive than other types of flooring and you'll need to refinish it every few years.


With these flooring ideas for the kitchen, you have access to several choices. The key is to think about your personal tastes and safety of everyone in the home. Most types of flooring can be installed by yourself but for other kinds of flooring such as marble or linoleum, you may need a professional installer.

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