We usually think of kitchens as a warm and cozy environment but for those who love all things industrial, you can create an industrial style kitchen that is also functional. Start by looking through different industrial kitchen design plans and choose one that works the best for the kitchen you have. You should also measure different spaces in the kitchen to determine the right sizes of appliances you'll buy for the renovation. Set a budget for the kitchen design and seek out sales at home improvement stores.

Hire An Electrician And Plumber

This is important in creating an industrial style kitchen in your home because the way industrial kitchens are wired and designed are not the same as you would with a traditional home kitchen. The electrician and plumber will assist you in safely creating the best industrial kitchen for your needs. Make sure you choose an electrician and plumber who have at least ten years of experience and who are licensed.

Purchase Commercial Grade Appliances

These are the appliances used in restaurants and since you're seeking to bring the restaurant kitchen to your home, you can buy commercial grade appliances for better storage and efficiency. Stainless steel appliances are the best commercial appliances to use since it adds to the overall industrial look in your kitchen.

Put Anti Slip Mats On The Floor

If you want to design the industrial style kitchen with safety in mind, you should place anti slip mats throughout the floor to avoid tripping or slipping when carrying hot pots from one section to the next.

Choose Safe Flooring For Your Industrial Kitchen

One idea for industrial style kitchen flooring is to use laminate hardwood flooring because it is less expensive than other types of flooring and it lasts many years. The drawback to laminate flooring is that if one plank gets messed up, the entire flooring needs to be done over. Ceramic tile flooring also works for industrial style kitchens and you can install linoleum floors for this kitchen.

Include Tall Storage Shelves

You want to keep your cookware and other kitchen utensils organized so you'll need to purchase one or two tall storage shelves in the kitchen so that you will have the adequate storage you need for all the items in the kitchen. To add the wow factor and a little color to the industrial kitchen, paint the shelves a bold color.

About The Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is neat for the industrial style kitchen because the purpose of this lighting is to help you with your focused tasks in the kitchen. Track lights have an industrial design and if your kitchen is large or medium sized, track lights would work well. Another idea is to install farmhouse pendant lights and you can also use recessed lighting.


An industrial style kitchen is a great way to bring a little bit of the restaurant into your home and it is also a low maintenance kitchen design when cared for properly during the week. 

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