Family history is important to you and you want to tell the world about your family in ways that go beyond a scrapbook or through recipe books although those are great expressions of your love for your family. Why not decorate a genealogical themed living room where your family's heritage is proudly on display? This makes for a neat conversation starter when visitors come to your home and it is a way of preserving family history for years to come.
Decorating A Genealogical Themed Living Room

Family Quotes on The Wall

Purchase some black wall decal letters and paste some of your relatives' infamous quotes about life on the wall. Only use the most profound ones since these will get the visitors talking as they enter your living room. The quotes can be about marriage, childbearing, religion, enjoying old age or about self worth. This serves as a real life family history lesson to your children.

Decorating A Genealogical Themed Living Room

Use Paint Colors From Childhood

Another way to incorporate family history in the living room is to use a paint color that reminds you of time you spent with relatives and at home as a child or teenager. If your uncle loved to make homemade tomato soup, paint the walls a bright tomato red with a gray accent trim at the top of the wall. Or if your mother was an avid gardener who sold her goods at local outdoor markets, paint the wall green and sketch a mural that depicts her planting different vegetables.

Decorating A Genealogical Themed Living Room

Wall of Memories

In the foyer leading to the living room, you can place old photos of your relatives during important moments in their lives over the years. These photos could include younger sister's recent wedding, your father's return to college and his graduation, your grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, and your son's first time driving a car this year.

Old Furniture And Collectibles From Relatives

Instead of purchasing new furniture, use some old furniture and collectibles that have significant meaning in the family. Your great grandmother's wooden barrel can be used as an end table to place your plant on while your parents' 1970's dining room set can be redecorated with a 21st century twist. If your aunt has an oak armorer for storing dinnerware that she no longer needs, inquire about transferring it to your living room to display it.

Decorating A Genealogical Themed Living Room

Break Out The Vintage Record Player

If someone in your family has a vintage record player that still works, visit the relative and see if you can have the record player to place in your living room. When you place the record player in the living room, create a handwritten history of the record player's place in the family's life over the years and frame it to make it personal.


A genealogical themed living room adds the extra warmth to your home and it is a testament to the rich family history that shaped your outlook on life and your values. As you create new memories in your home with your spouse and kids you can add relics from those times in the living room.

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