So you're not a fan of the traditional or the contemporary living room styles, and you love hanging out at the beach. Bring the ocean and seashells into your living room with a beach themed living room. If you live right on the beach you can bring some seashells and sand into the house and fill a blue glass vase with them. The overall mood for this theme should be calm and not too outlandish and here is how you can accomplish the theme.

Make the Walls Light Colored
When creating a beach theme for the living room you should paint the walls in light and airy colors such as light pink, light blue, light yellow, pastel green, antique white, light gray, beige or bright white. These colors simulate the beach well and they make the living room appear more open. These colors also bring in the outside natural light into your living room.
Designing A Beach Themed Living Room

Purchase Beach Influenced Artwork
Now that you painted your walls in a beautiful light color, don't leave the walls bare. Add a touch of the beach to them by putting up a few pieces of beach influenced artwork on the walls. Some good themes to look for in the artwork include seashells and the ocean, kids building sandcastles, couples sitting near the water and images of birds flying over the water.

Designing A Beach Themed Living Room

Use a White or Tan Sofa as Focal Point for Living Room
 White or tan sofas work well for a beach themed living room and you want to use this sofa as a focal point for decoration. Place bold colored decorative pillows on the sofa and put a gray or light blue small coffee table in front of the sofa. Also place a decorative area rug in front of the sofa that has hints of gray, powder blue, pink and light yellow.
Add Tropical Tall Plants
This is also an important element of beach home design and you can buy two or three colorful plants to place in the living room but make sure that they're not so big that they take up too much space in the living room. Look for plants that do not require a lot of water and put them in a section of the room that receives the most natural sunlight.

Designing A Beach Themed Living Room

Get an Aquarium
Some beaches have sharks and other fishy creatures so you can put an aquarium to add the natural element to the room's design. Put the aquarium in a part of the living room that is in the far corner so that it will not block the walkway in the living room.
A beach themed living room is your private oasis when you don't live near the beach and it may inspire you to consider a few days' vacation to the nearest beach in your state. There is versatility when you design your living room like the beach and this design is simple, elegant and long lasting.

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