It's summertime and that means it's time for a summer upgrade to your home with some minor renovations or even a few major changes depending on your interests. You should create a budget for the renovation so that you won't overspend and you should visit different home improvement stores to compare prices for equipment or supplies you need. Here are some ideas on upgrading your home for the summer.

Paint Your Walls Summer Colors

You want to choose summer paint colors for the walls that will also look great in the fall and winter months and that could be paired with a darker color. For example, in the kitchen you can paint the wall powder blue and paint the trim a chocolate brown and this combination would look nice in the fall months. For the bathroom you can paint the wall mint green and use gray for the trim as an accent color. And for the living room you can use a pastel yellow/mocha combination. Painting the walls is a simple way to remodel the home for the summer.

Place Bold Colored Flowers in Each Room

This is another inexpensive way to make your home feel like summer. Some good colorful flowers to place in your decorative vases include African violets, orchids, white and orange tulips, calla lilies, sunflowers, roses and hydrangeas.

Put A New Slipcover On The Sofa

Instead of buying a new sofa, why not purchase a sumer themed slipcover and place it on the sofa for a summer renovation on the cheap. If your living room has an ocean or Caribbean theme, buy a sofa slipcover that has images of tropical birds, sand, water waves, beach items and sunshine on it to fit with the living room theme.

Refinish or Reface Cabinets

Give the cabinets a new look for the summer by refinishing or refacing the cabinets in your home. If your cabinets are dark colored, sand them, strip off the old finish, and then reapply light colored finish or a new paint color to the cabinets.Cabinet refacing is when you remove the doors of the cabinets and install new ones on them. You can also put chrome, brass or stainless steel knobs on the cabinets.

Get Rid of Drab Carpeting On Floor

If you've had carpeting on your floor for the past few years and you want to see your hardwood flooring again, summer is a great time to get rid of the boring carpet. Remove all furniture and accessories from the room and with the help of loved ones, gently remove all carpet from the room. Once you do this you're ready to sand the flooring and apply a fresh coat of finish or paint to the wood floor.


Summer is an exciting time for home improvement junkies because there is an endless list of ideas for transforming the home into a warm weather oasis. You should check your air conditioner for any issues that need to be addressed and be sure to insulate your home in the summer so that the air stays inside the house.

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