So you say that you don't have time to do many home improvement projects because of a busy schedule but there are some projects that can be completed in one weekend and to cut down on the amount of time it takes to work on the project, invite friends and relatives to your home to assist you.

Putting Down Laminate Flooring

This project can be done in one weekend and it doesn't cost a lot of money to complete since laminate flooring is less expensive than regular hardwood flooring. The best way to get the project done by the end of the weekend is to sketch a design plan for the floor and then follow this plan as you install the laminate flooring. Since laminate flooring already has finish on it, you don't have to spend extra hours on applying finish and letting it dry.

Toilet Installation

The hardest part of the installation is moving the heavy toilet bowl to the bathroom and the rest is not too difficult to do if you follow instructions carefully. Before you start the project you should have tools on hand such as pliers, hammer and other items needed for the project.

Painting Your Bedroom Wall

Deending on the size of your bedroom, it is possible to paint it in one weekend. On Friday, take out all furniture and accessories and on Saturday you would apply the primer and let it dry before you put on the regular paint. Between Saturday night and Sunday, let the paint dry and then return the furniture to the bedroom.

Install New Light Fixtures in The House

This will take the entire weekend and you'll have enough time to put new lighting in every room. On Friday you can start with the porch light and living room along with the kitchen, and then on Saturday you would install some light fixtures in the hallway, attic, bedrooms and the bathroom. On Sunday put new light fixtures in the garage, basement and guest room if you have one.

Do A Little Gardening And Landscaping

Over the weekend give the backyard special treatment. Start by pulling out the old weeds and cut the grass to low levels but too low. Hire a landscaper to come to your home to save you time and have him do the landscaping for you. On Saturday, prepare the soil in the backyard and plant flower and vegetable seeds. On Sunday, refinish your oak garden furniture and arrange it in a functional way.


Weekend home renovation projects are great because they cut down on the larger design plan you have altogether and if you do a few at a time, the entire renovation will be completed within a year or two. Purchase instructional books on how to do certain projects if you've never done them before and don't be afraid to ask people you know who are experienced in what you need to do.

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