So you accomplished most of your tasks on the home renovation list but the kitchen hasn't been remodeled yet. You want to create a more functional kitchen but you're not sure how to get started. Well here are some tips on how you can do this.

Find Better Storage Solutions

If you're renovating your kitchen so that it will be more functional, you should create a variety of neat storage solutions so that there is less clutter in the kitchen. When you install new cabinets, you can add pull out trays inside them so that it will be easier to find pantry items and your favorite kitchen gadgets. Another idea is to build a bookcase and place it behind the kitchen door or stove so that you can place your cookbooks, largest utensils, kitchen collectibles and jars of pasta, sugar, flour and other common food staples.

Place An Island in The Kitchen

This is another great way to create a functional kitchen because when you put an island in the kitchen, you free up countertop space for cooking and you're also turning the kitchen into a mini dining room because when guests arrive they can have dinner in the kitchen while talking with you at the same time. The island can also be a holding spot for your napkins, silverware, wine glasses and the wines themselves.

Install Task Lighting

You can't have a functional kitchen without adequate lighting so this is important when renovating your kitchen. Pendant lights look great over a kitchen island and you can also install track lighting or recessed lighting in the kitchen. If you're into energy efficient lighting, use LED light bulbs since they use up less energy than incandescent lighting.

Choose Flooring That Is Best for High Traffic

The kitchen gets a lot of traffic so it's important that you choose flooring that is suitable for this reality. Laminate flooring works well in the kitchen since it's not hard to clean and maintain, and you can also install cork or bamboo flooring since they're sustainable and soft to walk on. Traditional hardwood and ceramic tile flooring would work well in kitchens.

Built in Appliances

To make the kitchen even more functional, get rid of your bulky appliances and instead have sleeker appliances that can be built in the wall so that you'll have more space in the kitchen for moving around. You can have your stove/oven installed inside the wall and you can have the dishwasher built inside the sink.


A functional kitchen works well for you because you can cook safely and the kitchen will feel more inviting to guests. Don't forget about the style of the kitchen since it should also look beautiful. Read through interior decorating magazines to determine which theme you like the best and get input from the rest of the family. Do as much of the renovation by yourself to save money and when you can't go further, hire a professional.

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