Help your friends and relatives save money on hotel expenses by creating a beautiful and relaxing guest room for them in your home. The design doesn't have to be elaborate but you can create the room in a way that will make them feel welcomed and appreciated. Don't get too outlandish when creating the guest room because simplicity in design is more important than the latest style. Look through interior decorating magazines and choose ideas that are within your budget and that will look nice for the room.

Basic Tips

Fill the guest room with necessary toiletries such as a hairbrush, comb, toothpaste, a few clean towels, a bottle of perfume, and one or two scented candles for them to burn while they're in the room. Spray the room with air freshener to give it a nice scent. You can also put a nice bathrobe in the guest room. Put a new bedding set on the bed and vacuum and sweep the floor every few days to keep dirt to a minimum. Put a large vase filled with flowers in the guest room.

Paint The Guest Room in Neutral Tones

Never paint the guest room in bold or outlandish colors because the goal is to create a warm and soothing room for guests. Neutral tones look better in guest rooms and these tones include tan, beige, light blue, gray, burgundy, khaki, antique white and navy. However, you can pair a neutral color with a brighter color such as mint green, yellow or pastel pink.

Go For A Pullout Sofa

If the guest room is really small, you can substitute a pullout sofa for the traditional bed, which will take up too much space in the room. Pullout sofas come in a variety of patterns and prints so buy one that is compatible with the overall theme of the room. For example, if the room has a mid century design, you can purchase a pullout sofa in a bright color and that has wooden legs and arms. In front of the sofa place a glass coffee table.

Place A Brass Chandelier In Guest Room

There is something elegant about having a brass chandelier in a guest room and this makes your guest feel as if they are in the best hotel in the city. Use LED lighting for the chandelier since it is energy efficient, and install a dimmer so that the guest can adjust the lighting as he wishes. A black chandelier would also look nice in the guest room.

Install A Walk In Closet in The Room

Guests will enjoy a spacious and efficient closet so if you're renovating the guest room, install a walk in closet in the room and you should measure the space before installing the closet. The walk in closet does not have to be huge but big enough to hold clothing, shoes and luggage. Place a mirror on the closet wall so the guests can look at themselves when putting on clothes to get an idea of well the outfits look on them. In conclusion, creating the best guest room will make loved ones and friends feel special in your home.

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