How To Design A Game Room For Your TeenagerSo you have an unfinished basement and you have a few teenagers whose friends visit every few weekends but you're tired of using the living room as the main guest room for your teens' buddies. Turn the drab basement into a fantastic game room. Start by finding out how your teen wants the game room to look and then have him come with you to the furniture store to pick out furniture and accessories for the game room.

Buy Some Bold Colored Storage Bins
If you're designing a game room for teens, they'll need storage for all of their games so you should purchase five to six huge and colorful storage bins to keep the games organized. If your teen has games in different categories, have him organize them in the bins according to the types of games he has. For example, if he has science fiction games, he would place those in bins just for those kinds of games.

Arrange The Furniture Where Teens Will Be Comfortable

Purchase a large recliner and a soft but medium sized sofa so that you will have comfortable seating for your teens in their friends. Place the sofa and recliner in the middle of the room so that they will face the TV in the front of the room within an adequate distance. If the basement has a built in kitchen, place a blue, red or white refrigerator in it and stock it with the teens' favorite drinks and snacks. Post some sports postcards on the front of the refrigerator.  Place a pool table in the basement along with some patterned stools for the teens to sit on.

Paint A Mural On The Wall

Instead of putting a few posters and wall decals on the basement wall, paint a large mural that best signifies your teen's personality. For example, if your teen is a geek who loves science but who also enjoys old school video games, paint a mural in which he is depicted playing video games and reading science textbooks. A mural will add the wow factor to the game room.

Add Arcades To The Game Room

Another idea is to bring three to four popular arcade machines to the basement so that the teens will have a variety of activities to entertain them. Include different themes of arcade games such as car racing, boxing and pinball.

About Lighting For Game Room

You don't want to use bright lights in a game room because this will cause problems for the gamers who need to focus on the game at hand. You can install recessed or track lighting on the wall in the game room along with a dimmer so that the teens can adjust the lighting as they wish.


Designing a fun game room for your teens will take some time and effort but once you both see the desired results, it will be worth it. Stick to your budget when designing the room and remember that the design doesn't have to be elaborate since the teens are focusing mostly on the games.

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