So you currently have a blah-blah kind of bathroom that is not appealing but you want the bathroom to look more luxurious but you're not sure how to do this. Here are some ways you can create a luxurious bathroom without going broke.

Build A Walk in Shower
A walk in shower is one of the best things you can include in a luxurious bathroom and this is especially a neat idea for those who have small bathrooms although large bathrooms can have walk in showers. You can also have a walk in tub instead of just the walk in shower stall if you enjoy soaking in the tub.

Private Room for Toilet
Another good thing to have in your luxurious bathroom is a private room where you can put the toilet and a small bookcase for reading since there are times when you will spend longer periods in the private room. Install marble flooring in the private room as well as the rest of the bathroom, and you can also place a pedestal sink or large oak vanity in the private room.

Track Lighting or Pendant Lighting
Luxurious bathrooms must have plenty of lighting and track lighting or pendant lighting work well for this kind of bathroom. To make the luxurious bathroom more romantic, put wall sconces on the walls and install a dimmer to adjust the lighting how you want it.

Separate Vanities
This is a hallmark of a luxurious bathrooms and the benefit of separate vanities is that you and your spouse can keep your items separate. This resolves the issue of getting in each others way when trying to get dressed in the bathroom. You can choose a vanity with a marble, stone or granite countertop since these materials add elegance to the bathroom.

Paint The Walls Light Colors
Since you're going for a relaxing and romantic feel in the luxurious bathroom, you want to paint the walls in light colors and these include taupe, powder blue, pastel pink, beige, antique white, lavender, or aqua. You can also paste wall decals of different images on the walls or you can stencil a romantic phrase on the wall.

Install A Fireplace
Depending on the size of your luxurious bathroom, you can install a medium sized fireplace a few inches from the toilet and shower area to add the extra flair to it. Accessorize the outside of the fireplace with wicker or glass vases and fill the vases with tall colorful flowers or green leaves.  Put some ceramic tile around the fireplace and paint the tile red, light orange or a light gray.

Designing a luxurious is a task that takes a tremendous amount of effort and if you're not able to design it yourself, hire an interior designing company to create the bathroom for you. Research the companies before choosing one and be specific in discussing how you want the project to be done. Finally, enjoy your new bathroom and maintain it regularly.

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