If you live alone you have the freedom to renovate the home as you please without the input of a spouse and children. Take advantage of this reality and renovate your living room by creating a pink paradise if you love the color pink. You shouldn't create an all pink room that looks too childish but you can design it in a way that is sophisticated and suitable for adults. You can also pair pink with a neutral tone for a more balanced color scheme. Here is how you can design a pink living room.

Use Furniture That Looks Good in Pink

When you're renovating your living room in pink, it's important that you choose furniture that looks good in pink and you have a variety to choose from. Put a long fuschsia sofa in the living room if the walls are painted a pastel pink to add a contrast of pinks in the living room but if the walls are painted magenta or coral, choose a light pink sofa to put in the room. You can put a pink bookcase with neutral toned stripes in the living room and the coffee table can be painted metallic silver since it goes well with the pink sofa and throw pillows.

Use Hardwood or Laminate Flooring

This is the best flooring for your pink living room because it offsets the pink in the living room. Don't use dark colored wood flooring as it adds a coldness to an all pink living room. It is best to use light colored wood flooring since it complements the pink color in your living room.

Possible Colors That Complement Pink in Living Rooms

One good color to pair pink with is black / white  and once you paint the walls pink, place a black / white sofa in the middle of the living room. Then put some multicolored throw pillows with hints of black and pink on it. Place a zebra area rug in front of the sofa for a more funky look and accessorize with a silver vase and pink flowers. If you want your pink living room to look like a garden, pair the pink with green by painting the walls a lime green with pink as the accent color. Place a floral sofa in the living room and put some green and pink pillows on it. Place an oak wooden table in front of the sofa with a bowl of fresh fruit. Other color combinations include pink/tan, pink/navy and pink/purple.

Get Tropical With Pink Living Room

Another idea is to add a touch of tropical to your pink living room and you can paint one half of the room pink and then the other half can be painted turquoise or yellow. Place a white sofa in the living room and place pink and multicolored throw pillows on it. Install bamboo flooring since it is made from the bamboo plant and if you want to be adventurous, paint the flooring a light or bold pink color.

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