Place Grab Bars on the Tub on Both Sides
This is important because when senior citizens are in the tub they may slip and fall, which may lead to long term paralysis or even death. To prevent this place a grab bar on both side of the tub. In addition to the grab bars, place an anti slip bath mat in the tub so that your parents will have an easier time bathing.
Install a Medical Alert System in Bathroom
This is something good to have in a bathroom when you're not close to the bathroom for over an hour because emergencies happen and your parents will need immediate help need to something happen to them.
Purchase an Elevated Toilet for Bathroom
Some senior citizens may not be able to use the regular sized toilets due to limited mobility and if this is the case with your parents, then you should buy an elevated toilet for the guest bathroom so that they can use the toilet efficiently without the threat of injuring themselves.
Avoid Area Rugs in the Bathroom
While area rugs add beauty to the bathroom, this is not the safest thing to have if senior citizens are using the bathroom regularly because they could trip on the rug and hurt themselves. It's better not to have a rug on the floor. Install non-slip flooring in the bathroom to prevent falls.
Have Adequate Lighting
Senior citizens tend to have weaker eyesight so it helps them if you install high quality lighting in the bathroom so that they will see well when completing tasks. Track lights and recessed lighting are good choice and you can also install a huge pendant light in the bathroom.
Install a Walk in Shower
When you install a walk in shower, senior citizens will not have to struggle to climb in and out of the shower to take their baths. They can walk in the shower with ease. This is especially great for senior citizens who suffer from arthritis or who are wheelchair bound.

You want the best for your parents and by creating a safe bathroom for them, you make the remaining years of their lives better. Senior citizens sometimes fare better when living with their adult children because of the companionship and because of the around the clock care they receive. Maintain their bathroom on a regular basis and tell your children that they're not allowed to bathe in or leave toys in their bathroom for safety reasons.

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