Sometimes you cannot afford to hire a contractor but you can still renovate your home if you have basic carpentry skills, help from loved ones and friends and attention to the details of your project. You can also watch online videos and read books on certain projects that you're interested in. Here are tips on how you can renovate your home without a contractor.

Change The Cabinets
If you're renovating the bathroom or kitchen, you can renovate it simply by changing the look of the cabinets. Refinish the cabinets by applying new stain or color of paint to the cabinets, or you can put new doors on the front of the cabinets. In addition to this, you can put new knobs on the cabinets in brass, silver or chrome. 

Paint The Walls A New Color

A fresh coat of paint always works when you're renovating the home in a cost effective way. Look through a few samples at the home improvement store and then sit with the family to decide which paint colors will go in each room of the house. Don't choose paint colors that are overly trendy because those colors may not be in style within the next few years.

Insulate Your Home

If you want an energy efficient renovation, it would be a good idea to insulate the attic and seal all cracks in the windows and walls so that drafts don't enter in the home and cause the appliances to work harder than they should, leading to increased energy bills. Insulating your home with caulk or foam is especially important during the winter months.

Buy New Appliances

You may not be able to hire a contractor to install new flooring in the kitchen but you don't need a contractor to purchase new appliances for the kitchen so that your kitchen is more functional and looks stylish. Don't be alarmed about the costs of kitchen appliances because most home improvement stores offer discounts on them throughout the year.

 Change The Countertop

Another way to remodel the home without hiring a contractor is to change your current countertop in the kitchen and install a new one if you're skilled in home improvement. Some good countertops for the kitchen include marble countertops, granite countertops or laminate wood countertops. You want to follow manufacturers' instructions carefully when installing the countertops.
Sand And Refinish

If yo u're unable to install new flooring, you can sand and refinish the floor. Start by sweeping and vacuuming the floor and then sand your floor with a sander. Then sweep off the sawdust and apply the finish to the floor. You would let the floor dry for a few hours before walking over it.


Just because you cannot hire a contractor does not mean that you cannot accomplish a renovation yourself. The benefit of a DIY renovation is that you save money and you also gain confidence in your ability to maintain the home properly.

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