Having a smaller bathroom may seem like a drag but you don't have to lose hope because it is possible to have a well designed and efficient space if the bathroom is small. Start by putting a small toilet in the bathroom to save space and so that you'll have room for your decorative pieces. Install a long brass or chrome towel rack that is enough to fit everyone's towels. Then you can label each towel so there won't be confusion on which person has a certain towel.

Decorating The Shower Area
If you want to give the appearance of a larger shower area in the bathroom, install a glass door in front of the tub and this would also create a little privacy since the bathroom is already small. A shower curtain would not be the best choice for a small bathroom because it takes up a lot of space in the room. You can elongate the shower area by installing a medium sized walk in shower.

Get A Pedestal Sink
Purchase a pedestal sink instead of the vanity since vanities usually don't work well in small bathrooms. Look for a pedestal sink in a color that complements the wall color in the bathroom and that is within your budget.

Skylights for The Small Bathroom
For a small bathroom, you can take advantage of the natural light by putting in a window near the far top of the bathroom wall where you will receive the most sun from outside. And for the nighttime and early morning hours, install track lights or a big skylight that provides plenty of coverage throughout the bathroom.
Choose Neutral Tones

The benefit of painting walls in neutral tones is that you can easily coordinate the flooring with these colors. For example, if you paint the walls tan and antique white, you can install a grayish ceramic tile flooring in the bathroom. The use of neutral tones also adds a relaxing mood to the bathroom.
Go Minimalist

If you don't like too many bells and whistles in small bathroom design, go for the minimalist design. Place the oak pedestal in your small bathroom and then you can put a small medicine storage cabinet above the pedestal that has a mirror door on it. Place a recessed light on the ceiling and have a decorative trash can on the side of the pedestal or toilet.

Use Storage Wisely

Think of creative ways to store your bathroom supplies to minimize clutter in the small bathroom. For example, you can take a wicker basket and cut a hole in it so you can put dirty clothes in it. Another idea is to take two to three decorative shower boxes and place the guest towels in there, then placing the shower boxes behind the pedestal sink. In conclusion, a small bathroom can look fabulous and well organized and with these suggestions, the bathroom will have the space you need despite its' size.

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