There are several ways you can renovate the kitchen so that you'll have the best layout for your needs and design preferences. One type of kitchen layout is the one wall design and in this case the sink would be in the far corner of the kitchen with the cabinets and dishwasher situated right next to it. Next to the dishwasher and sink there is the stove and you would have a microwave and track lighting above the stove. Another good kitchen layout is the popular L shaped kitchen and in this setup the sink is in the middle of the room while the stove, microwave, oven and refrigerator are located on each side of the sink.

Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen is also called a corridor kitchen and in this design there are two walls facing each other and the sink is located next to the stove to make for efficient transporting of food from the counter to the stove or sink. The refrigerator is placed on the wall opposite the sink and stove.

My Kitchen Is Small And Narrow, How Can I Lay Out The Kitchen Efficiently?

If you have a small and narrow kitchen you should avoid big and bulky tables and chairs and instead opt for a small  circular wooden table with two to three small chairs. Another idea is to install a countertop on the wall and put bar stools in front of it to create a functional seating area.  Install some cabinets on the walls to save space.

I Have A Studio Apartment Without A Kitchen. What Is A Good Layout For Me?

Some studio apartments are not equipped with a traditional kitchen and in this case you can create a mini version of the kitchen by placing a room divider in a certain part of the apartment to create a makeshift kitchen area. In this kitchen area place a medium sized coffee table and place a microwave and toaster on it. In the far corner of the makeshift kitchen place a portable refrigerator and next to it put a cupboard in the area.

Don't Place Sink Across The Stove

No matter which layout you choose, you should never install the sink across from the stove because this is inefficient and it is hazzardous if you transport a hot pot from one part of the room to the next. You want the stove and other appliances to be situated right next to each other.

Kitchen Layout Ideas for Senior Citizens

If you're looking after an elderly loved one in your home, here are some tips on how you can lay out the kitchen that is safe and efficient for senior citizens. The kitchen should not have an island in the middle of it since it may not work well for those in a wheelchair. Put a side-to-side refrigerator so that your loved one can access it easier and don't put the countertops too high. Place the cabinets lower and make the sink at least five to seven inches deep. Finally, provide widespread lighting.

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