Many homeowners commonly complain about the lack of storage space in their kitchens. However, most people do not have the financial means to remodel their kitchen and create the storage space needed to achieve the kitchen organization they desire. If you are looking for better storage options you can work on organizing your kitchen in order to remove the clutter and create an organized and functional kitchen by following these easy and helpful tips which are both practical and economical. 

For any small space including a kitchen, one of the best ways to increase storage space is to think vertically. Installing shelves, pot hangers and other vertical storage options will allow you to conveniently store many kitchen items decreasing clutter within cabinets, drawers and closets. Other vertical spaces in kitchens which can be used as storage options are the back of doors, tops of cabinets and above islands just to name a few. Anywhere that you can add shelves or hanging storage units will help with kitchen organization. Pots and pans, utensils and other frequently used items are able to be neatly stored and easily accessed by utilizing vertical space. 

Stackable food containers are a great way to achieve kitchen organization in pantries and other food storage areas. Airtight plastic containers are easy to reseal, keep food fresh and are able to be easily stacked up in order to keep things neat and organized. Closet, cabinet and drawer organizers can also help you with organizing your kitchen by providing a place for everything. When cabinet and drawer space is limited choosing organizers which take advantage of vertical space and use multiple sized compartments will help you to organize your kitchen items so that they are neat and tidy as well as easy to locate.  

Most of all, if you have a small kitchen with limited storage you may need to downsize your kitchen belongings so that there is less for you to organize. Eliminating items which you never use can free up plenty of much needed storage place for items which you use frequently. Go through all closets, cabinets, drawers and cabinets and honestly evaluate what belongings you really need, this can help to dramatically decrease kitchen clutter. Another method which can be used for kitchen organization is to choose furniture pieces which can double as storage, doing this will provide you with both decorative elements and extra storage places to help you hide items which are not frequently used.

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