The roaring twenties were a decade of opulence and sophistication for much of the Western world and if you want your living room to look like this fantastic decade in design, there are several ways you can pull it off. Get inspiration from old photos of your grandparents or great grandparents, vintage home decor stores, and interior design magazines. Also repurpose some of your current home decor items to create a 1920s living room.

Cottage Style Theme

While the 1920s is often associated with the high life of New York City and Hollywood, the rest of society did not live this way and lived in traditional homes. A popular home decor theme in the 1920s was cottage style and this was because the bungalow home was in style during that decade. Incorporate simple artisan and rustic furniture in the living room and leave this furniture unpolished.  Place a large sofa in the middle of the living room and avoid geometric shaped flooring or artwork. Use floral curtains in the living and install dark hardwood floors.

Get Glamorous With Art Deco Design

For an appropriate Art Deco style you should start with a plain white wall and then add black stripes or geometrical shapes on it since the black/white color scheme was popular in Art Deco design. Furniture with rounded dges should be used in the living room and chrome decorative pieces and doorknobs work well for Art Deco design. Animal print rugs and other upholstery was found in some Art Deco homes since it reflected the eclectic style of that time. A black sofa is neat for this kind of living room.

Hang Some Posters On The Wall

During the 1920s you would see a variety of entertainment art prints and posters that captured the way of life for people in that time. Visit some antique stores and flea markets to look for some vintage posters from the 1920s to place on the living room wall. You may see a poster of flapper girls along with other posters of jazz artists who were popular during the 1920s such as Louia Armstrong and Bessie Smith.

Install A Tile Floor in The Living Room

Add a cozy touch to your 1920s themed living room by adding tile flooring to the living room. Black and white checkerboard tile flooring works well for this theme but you can also install octagon shaped tiling on the living room floor to make the room look more like the 1920s. Hexagon shaped tile flooring is a good choice.


There is something classy yet slightly exotic about 1920s style decorating and it can be easily replicated in your living room. Stick to furniture and decorative pieces that best match the decade and stick to your budget when renovating the living room.  Don't clash different themes but instead you should focus on one 1920s theme to keep things simple. Finally, maintain the furniture's glamor by dusting periodically.

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