One mistake that you should avoid when remodeling your home is having a budget that is too strict and being too frugal with what you spend funds on during the project because when you do this you become tempted to buy cheaper materials to fund the renovation. As a result your home will not look great and it will be more costly in the end because you have to renovate the home again to correct the mistakes from the first time. Another thing you shouldn't do is not research at least five or more contractors because some contractors are legitimate and experienced while others are not.

Not Respecting And Communicating Properly With Designer And Contractor

You need to respect your contractor's suggestions because while you may have a set plan for remodeling the home, the contractor and designer could offer new approaches to your renovation that you never thought about, and those approaches could make your renovation more efficient. At the same don't let the contractor take so much control to the point where you're not allowed to have an opinion.

Not Obtaining Permits In A Timely Manner

For certain home remodeling projects a permit is required and one reason why some homeowners fail in their home renovation plans is because they don't apply for and obtain permits from the local government in a timely manner and as a result it will be months before the renovation can go forward.

Following Trends Too Much

This is something you should not do because home remodeling trends change every few months if not years and you should choose a design scheme that is timeless and that suits you and the family's personal tastes. Some current trends are also really corny or gaudy and this is not what you want to look at every day.

Ignoring Functionality in Remodeling

There is nothing wrong with making the home stylish during a renovation but you shouldn't ignore functionality because this is more important than visual appeal. For example, you may want an industrial kitchen with linoleum floors but if this room is a high traffic area, you should consider laminate wood flooring or cork flooring since this is more functional for the high traffic the kitchen receives.

Failure To Plan For Emergencies

There will be times when emergencies happen in the renovation process and these include financial troubles, the need for an inspection, lack of certain supplies needed and a change in the design plan from yourself or the contractor. Make sure you take emergencies into account when planning your renovation.

Not Sticking To The Budget

You shouldn't be overly cheap when planning the renovation but once you set a budget and hire the contractor, you should not go over the budget because this costs you more money in the end and it could put you in debt for years. You don't need to include all the things you want in the renovation all at one time but it is wise to renovate as the budget allows.

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