Just because you have a mobile home doesn't mean that you cannot remodel the home to make it look fabulous. All you need is creativity and some hard work. Since many mobile homes are small to medium-sized, you'll have to remodel it in a way that complements the size but with some good decorative pieces and functional furniture, the home will be your personal oasis. You can even paint the outside of the home a bold and fun color if you're tired of the white exterior.

About The Walls

When you remodel your mobile home, you should give your walls a refreshed look so that it creates a sense of openness in the home. Put up drywall before painting to ensure that your wall is well kept for a long time. As for choosing a good color for the wall, you want to choose light colors since they work best in creating a warm and inviting environment in the mobile home.

Which Flooring Should I Use?

You have various choices when it comes to picking flooring for your mobile home renovation. Carpet adds a certain warmth and comfort to the home and you can install it in the living room and bedroom. However, if you have pets and children in the home, it may be better to install laminate wood or vinyl flooring since either of these are great for high traffic rooms. Tile flooring is not recommended because it cracks easily and it would be difficult to reinstall it in a mobile home.

Get New Kitchen Appliances

Just like traditional homes, the kitchen is a major room for families so if you want better aesthetic appeal and functionality to the kitchen, purchase new appliances such as a stainless steel stove/oven, a black refrigerator and some new energy efficient small appliances such as a new toaster, microwave and coffee maker. You can also install a dishwasher under the sink.

Change The Countertops or Paint Current Ones

Mobile homes often have outdated countertops so when you're remodeling you should get rid of your old countertops and replace them with more stylish ones. Granite or laminate wood countertops work nicely for a mobile home kitchen and if you cannot replace your current countertop, wax and paint it so that it looks brand new.

Have Fun!

The design ideas for your mobile home are unlimited and with your creativity and imagination, you can create a private and relaxing haven at home. If you always wanted to visit Paris but there is a chance that you'll never make it there, turn your mobile home into a Parisian apartment. Accentuate the rooms with wall colors and furnishings in colors dark green, royal blue, black and gold. Drape the living room sofa with a velvet slipcover and put antiques in different rooms of the home.
The mobile home has come a long way from the drab design that characterized it in decades past. Thanks to innovative themes inspired by home decorating shows, we have more options in remodeling mobile homes.

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