Do you want a more glamorous bathroom but you don't have the tons of money on hand to do it? Well, if you have $1000 or less, it's possible to renovate your bathroom within weeks if not days without breaking the budget. Look through different interior design magazines to find out which themes would appeal the best to you. Measure your bathroom space so that if you decide to buy a  new tub or vanity, you will buy the right size for that space.

How To Renovating Your Bathroom Under $1000

Put New Paint on The Walls

This is an inexpensive way to renovate the bathroom on a budget, and there is no limit to the color of paint you can use on the walls depending on the theme. For example, if you are creating an ocean themed bathroom you would paint the walls light blue, gray or beige with white or a light green. Or if you're creating a Parisian theme bathroom you may paint the walls antique white and apply black stripes to the white painted wall.

Cabinet Refacing

In cabinet refacing, you're taking odd the old doors, knobs and other parts of the cabinets and replacing those with new ones. When you do this save money on new cabinets and your current cabinets might look even better than new cabinets from the home improvement store.

Use Laminate Flooring

It is more expensive to get hardwood or  marble flooring so if you need to renovate the bathroom on a budget, it is better to use laminate flooring since it's inexpensive and  comes in a variety of colors and patterns. There is even a few laminate flooring that resembles stone and granite so you'll have the look of granite without paying so much for it.

Consider Using Ceramic Tile Flooring

You may yearn for hardwood flooring in the bathroom but until you're able to afford it, install ceramic tile flooring. This kind of flooring is excellent for a bathroom because it's durable and can withstand all kinds of stains and spills. Because flooring stores often have discounts on ceramic tiles, this is an inexpensive  way to get new flooring in the bathroom.

Put Wallpaper on Walls

If you don't have time to paint the walls a new color but want to renovate the walls cheaply, you can put wallpaper on the walls to match the bathroom's theme overall. The good thing about wallpaper is that you can take it down at any time to paint the walls or put new wallpaper up.

Purchase Bathroom Decorative Items From Thrift Store and Flea Market

You don't have to visit the major home decor stores in order to get fantastic bathroom collectibles because the thrift store and flea market sell these at lower prices, and the items are more unique and interesting than at some of the major retailers. In conclusion, renovating the bathroom doesn't have to cost you a lot of money because with low cost versions of tubs, collectibles and flooring, your bathroom  will look glamorous at the fraction of a cost.

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