You like the fact that you can save money on a home by purchasing a fixer upper but now that you see all of the renovations that need to be made, you wonder if remodeling a fixer upper is really worth it and you have slight regrets about buying the home. Don't worry because it is possible to remodel your fixer upper in an amazing way, and when people come to your home they will know that your home was a drab fixer upper at first.

Create A List of Changes You Want For The Home And A Budget

The first step in remodeling a fixer upper is to create a list of changes you want in the home and then write out a budget of expenses to get an idea of how much the entire renovation would cost. Research the costs of the projects you're interested in and lso include the supplies needed and costs of hiring contractors and interior designers. Once you do this you're able to proceed with the projects.

Find A Qualified And Reputable Contractor

While many home projects in a fixer upper can be done without a contractor, it's still good to hire one if you're not skilled in performing certain tasks. When you look for a contractor you should find out if he has experience in remodeling fixer upper homes, if he's licensed and insured, what he includes in the price, and how long will he think the project will take based on the needs you have for the renovation.

Bathroom Remodeling for Fixer Uppers

If you hate the color of the walls in the bathroom, paint the walls a bold color to add the wow factor to the bathroom. As for bathroom flooring, choose vinyl tile flooring since it is not as expensive as hardwood or ceramic tile tile flooring, and vinyl flooring is waterproof. It also does not take long for vinyl flooring to be installed. Purchase a vanity for the bathroom that will not take up too much space in the bathroom and that complements the main colors in the bathroom. Install track lighting since it provides the best task lighting for a bathroom.

Build A Country Themed Kitchen

A good idea for remodeling a fixer upper is to create a country themed kitchen, especially if your home is close to 100 years old or more. Install antique white or beige cabinets in the kitchen and put wooden knobs on them for a traditional Americana style look. Or you can use dark cherry cabinets if you don't want too much white in the kitchen. Install dark red or maple hardwood flooring in the kitchen, and place a medium sized wooden table and chairs in the middle of the kitchen. You can put vintage appliances in this kitchen for a retro touch. Floral or striped curtains are also neat for a country themed kitchen. In conclusion, remodeling a fixer upper is hard work but when you see the results, it is worth it.

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