Even if it's currently summer, it does not mean that you cannot come up with some ideas for decorating your child's room for winter. You don't have to renovate the entire room; you can add a few decorative touches. If you are a crafty person you can create a few winter based items for the child's room since it saves you money.
Winter Wonderland Kids Room

Photo Collages of Your Child From Past Winters
One cool idea is to create a collage of photos from previous winters of your child. Take a large bulletin board and apply metallic silver to the bulletin board and let it dry for fifteen minutes. Then paste cutouts of snowflakes and your child's old winter photos on the bulletin board. Then take some alphabet cutouts and spell out the child's name on the top of the collage.

Gold And Red Bedding

Gold and red are traditional Christmas colors and if you want to add a touch of winter to the child's room, you can replace the child's regular bedding with gold and red bedding. However, if your child prefers other winter colors such as green and burgundy, use those colors for the bedding.

Garland Lined Bookcase

For the child who has a bookcase in her room, you can take some white and metallic silver garland and line the edges of the bookcase with it. Measure the bookcase before you staple the garland to it to avoid excess garland hanging from the bookcase.

Igloo Shaped Storage Container

Another idea is to visit a specialty toy store and look for an igloo shaped storage bin to store some of your child's things and to add a North Pole touch to his room. If you can't find one you can take a cardboard box and create it to where it looks like an igloo. Spray paint the igloo storage bin in a white color, and put some silver painted dots on it.

Multicultural Winter Traditions

If you're interested in teaching your child to appreciate the world around him, you can do research on the different winter traditions from other countries and incorporate them into the room's design. Make sure you incorporate these traditions in a way that is not denigrating to the cultures you want to represent.

Mini White Christmas Tree

Kids love Christmas trees so you can put a mini white Christmas tree in your child's room and then the two of you can decorate it with pine cones, colored balls, silver garland and candy canes with white bows on the ends of them.


Winter is a special time when families gather for fun and to create new traditions that last many years. One of those traditions could be decorating your child's room with a winter theme each holiday season. Get input from your child when choosing the theme and have snacks to make the decorating session fun. Finally, take plenty of pictures of the room to share with loved ones out of town.

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