We all love our pets and want nothing but the best for them. However, we should not let our love for our pets add to the growing pollution problem that we face. One way which you can make some eco-friendly lifestyle changes is with your pets. Since our pets do not know nor understand the problem of pollution it is up to us to make earth friendly choices for them; everything from their food to their toys can be made in an eco-friendly way which will help to reduce your carbon footprint and decrease the amount of pollution that we produce.

Grow Your Own Cat Nip

Not only is this an earth friendly way to impact our environment, it will also save you money over expensive store bought cat nip too. You may not have a green thumb, but you can grow your own catnip with ease. Catnip is healthy for your cats and will help detour them from trying to eat our other house plants which can sometimes be poisonous. Most large pet stores sell grow your own catnip kits which will allow you to quickly produce a home supply of catnip plants which will grow up to three feet tall. Cats can simply nibble on the plant when they want, and you will have a constant supply of natural eco-friendly cat nip for your cats.

Make Your Own Pet Toys

Both dogs and cats both love to play and chances are until now you have purchased most of their toys from the store. This is a rat time to reuse and repurpose old supplies that you no longer want or need giving them a new life. All you need is a little imagination and creativity and you are well on your way to creating new toys that your pets will love. This will save the environment and save you money while giving your pets what they love the best; new toys. Pine Cones with a small bell attached make a great cat toy while large old t-shirts tied into knots make a great tug of war toy for your dog. Take a new look at your old stuff to see what kind of pet toys you can make.

Reuse Old Clothes & Sheets

When your towels or bed sheets become old and worn out, do not throw them way; instead hang on to them, they make a great tool for your pet. There are many uses for old towels and sheets for your pet which are environmentally friendly and prevent you from having to purchase additional materials which will only add to the growing waste problem. You can use old towels to clean up pet accidents and old sheets make great pet bedding. If you would rather purchase your pets bed, make sure that you choose one which is made of eco-friendly recycled materials so that you are not adding to the earth’s pollution problem. There are many different sized and styles available online that are eco-friendly and beautifully made.

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