With the growing problem of overcrowded landfills, one great way that you can help is to learn to repurpose or reuse items whenever you can. When you cannot reuse or repurpose an item, then you should find a way to recycle or donate that item so that you are not adding to the waste problem here in this country. Not only can you do your part to help the environment, you will save yourself some money in the process and chances are you will have some fun while you do it.

There are many places that you can purchase used items in order to prevent buying new. Garage sales, thrift stores and consignment shops are a great place to shop for used items that can be repurposed. Browse the aisles and find the piece which will do the job. Do not look at the current condition because most of the time this is only cosmetic. For example an old and worn out dresser can be turned into a beautiful work of art with a little hard work and elbow grease. Keep an open mind when looking for items to repurpose and consider all of the many purposes that each piece can serve.

If you already have furniture or other items at home which are no longer serving their purpose you do not need to simply toss them out and purchase new ones. Instead look past the current function and determine how this piece could function better for you. Perhaps a simple resurfacing could restore the piece to its original condition or perhaps you could use parts of the piece for an entirely different purpose all together. Creativity is the key to reusing and repurposing the current items in your home. With a little imagination you will be surprised what you can create from items that you already own.

Furniture is not the only thing that you can re-use, in fact many items in your home can be reused for other purposes. For example old shirts can be cut into squares and used for cleaning. Old towels can also be used for this purpose as well. Or, maybe you have collected magazine ads over the years and do not know what to do with them. Use them to decoupage the surface of your nightstand or dresser to give it a facelift with a personalized style that is all your own. Before you toss anything out, consider the endless possibilities.

If you simply do not need the item anymore and cannot find another purpose for it, then you need to do the responsible thing and recycle this item so that you are not further clogging up landfills. Paper, tin, aluminum, steel, card board, glass and plastic are all able to be recycled as are hazardous materials and electronics. If you are not sure where to take your unwanted items for recycling contact your local recycling center to find out the best way to recycle your unwanted items and do you part to preserve the earth.

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