If you do not know what renewable energy is, you should know that using renewable energy is a great way to reduce harmful emissions from the environment while making use of the affordable and clean alternative energy that nature provides. This means that the water and air will be cleaner, if you switch over to using renewable energy sources such as the sun and wind today. The more people that convert over to this type of energy, the better place the earth will be to live in the future as energy consumption is one of the leading contaminants contributing to today’s pollution problem.

The Eco Friendly Energy Alternative

Here in the United States we have an advantage over many other countries and that is that we have the most plentiful wind resources around the globe. Actually, if all of our power was creating by wind we would have enough power to fuel America’s energy needs more than ten times over. Not only is this a great way to dramatically improve the impact of pollution on the earth, it is also a much more cost effective alternative than standard energy. The potential for wind power is huge; unfortunately this resource is not tapped as much as it should be with advancements being made each day.

Wind turbines are what is used to harness the awesome power of the wind with most wind turbines reaching a massive 200 ft. off of the ground. The wind is then caught by the blades of the turbine causing it to spin. When the blades spin, the internal drive shaft also spins which connects to a generator. This generator creates electricity without burning any harmful fuel which contaminates the air. Basically, you are harnessing the power of Mother Nature which is far better for the earth. Once wind power becomes a more affordable option, you will start seeing more and more businesses and homes converting to this eco-friendly energy alternative.

One of the primary uses of renewable energy currently being used today in homes across the country is solar power. This power is derived from the sun and then stored in order to be used as you need it. You can use solar power for a variety of daily tasks such as cooling your home, heating your water or powering the electrical within your home. The way solar power is produced is by placing solar panels with mirrors in an area where they concentrate the energy from the sun and then turn it in to heat which can be used as an energy source.

The main benefit to using wind or solar power is the fact that they are sustainable resources because they will not run out. Both the sun and wind are plentiful and do not crate any type of pollution when converted to power so they are the best sources of energy to use. So, if you are looking for an alternative energy source to help make your home earth friendly then installing solar panels which will allow you to partially or fully remove your home from the grid is a great idea. Although wind energy is great, it may be some time before you are able to harness this power as your homes energy source.

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