Renovation of homes is usually faced with many challenges. If the property you want to purchase has a shiny kitchen or bathroom, you should not assume everything is good. While the painting may be appealing, the plumbing may not be perfectly done. Plumbing is one of the renovation processes used to cover weaknesses. How do you make sure that you do not become a victim of these substandard works? It is always a humiliating experience to find out that you will have to incur extra costs in renovating your home after you have bought it.

When you are prepared to buy a new home, extra costs of renovation after the purchase is one of the things you don’t want to incur. These problems will always emerge but you must find a way of dealing with them. Your initial property search should be done diligently. That is the only way you can be assured of cutting the costs of buying a new home. Once you buy a home without a careful search, such additional repair costs cannot be avoided.

What to look for in a home renovation work!

For any renovation work on your home, there are important basic questions that must be asked like who did the job? Again, you must look for a home with quality fittings, a home renovated with good workmanship, excellent paintwork and a good drainage system. 

About the drainage system, it is important to get a diagram showing where the pipes are located in the house. This should be accompanied by the general plan for your home. When the home has had a kitchen or bathroom renovation there are important things to check:-

        i.            Where new fixtures have been placed to make sure that the renovation is not sitting on old pipes. It is important to inquire about the work that was done while updating the pipes during renovation.  If nothing was done, that means there would be an additional cost of making a replacement of the old pipes.

     ii.            Whether the new fixtures match the drainage diagram. The drainage diagram should be updated along with the renovations. If that is not the case, it could raise red flags with a chance that the pipes and plumbing changes having not been approved by the water utility of the state. In such a scenario, other costs would arise in near future. 


Negligence of the buyer can be very dangerous. Before you can think of buying a new home, get to know what goes on in the business. Getting details of the contractor who did the job is a prudent idea. This will give you some insider tips and clues of what to expect in your new found home. Home renovation can hide a lot of mess with high cost implications. It is important to check everything including diagrams and renovated works before you can proceed with your property purchase.

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