If you one of those looking for variety in their lounging options, you are advised to buy a Fuf. If you need an extra seating in your family room, but there's already enough furniture, and besides, You want something fun. You will need to  order one of the following Fufs after scouring reviews for all the pros and cons. It filled with super soft and long lasting fuf foam re-fuf again and again for custom comfort.

Fuf Pros

1. Very comfortable
2. Great price for what you get - because you get a LOT
3. Funny smell some reviewers mentioned faded in just a couple of days
4. Fabulous extra seating without having to buy actual furniture - when not in use, we stuff ours into a big closet; it's kind of hard to do that with a loveseat
5. Easily big enough for two lounging people or three seated people
6. Best place to curl up and read a book EVER
7. Can actually be used as a bed for overnight guests who are less than 6 feet tall

Fuf Cons

1. Does attract dog hair - I'm thinking of sewing a quick, easy bag-type cover from two plush blankets so that I can remove it for washing
2. Heavy! It takes two of us to drag it to another room, although one person can turn it over, fluff it and shape it alone
3. If you're middle aged and pumpkin-shaped like me, getting up out of the Fuf is not a graceful endeavor, but oh well...It's not the Fuf's fault
Check out these Fufs and choose yours.



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