Additions and renovations to your home can improve its sustainability and value. However, this is achievable through prudent planning, careful design and choice of architect. Many local authorities have set planning policies that provide room for external and internal changes that do not change services or structure to be made without the approval of the council. It is always advisable to check before starting any renovation work in your home. Changes to drainage, gas, plumbing and electrical services may require the inspection and approval of a relevant authority. However, there may not be need for approval during planning and building.

Well, all these jobs including the minor renovations will need tradesmen. Before you can hire a tradesman, it is good to ask for references, a current license and policies of insurance. Writing and formulating a simple contract describing the work, the much it will cost and maybe, any warranty is also important.

Home renovation for environmental performance: Windows and Glazing

Improving the environmental performance of a home can be done by a homeowner or by a tenant with permission from the landlord. Homeowners should always be ready to add sustainable upgrades in the idea that their property value will be increased depending on prevailing circumstances.
The following is a list of options that can be included in your home additions to enhance the environmental performance:-
1 - Glazing or windows can be replaced with high performance units suitable for the surrounding climate. You can also think about retrofitting double glazing to timber windows that are serviceable.
2 - Improving your home air seals is also of utmost importance.
3 - The use of polycarbonate films along with magnetic attachments is considered useful in emulating double glazing during cold winter climates. They can easily be removed and well kept during summer times.
4 - The west and east facing windows can be relocated or re-sized. Adjustable shading devices can also be installed.
5 - Temporary shade material can be used to shade some of the windows that are a problem. This is just a temporary solution before they can finally be removed.

6 - Most importantly, trees can be removed where they seem to be blocking access for solar rays.
7 - Heavy drapes touching the walls and floors can be installed at each side and again, attach sealed pelmets to the top to deter heat loss through convection during cold weather.


Your home can be renovated to make it a comfortable place in all seasons. The ability to make adjustments using the windows and glazing features is a useful investment. You can now enjoy your home in all weather conditions. There is variety in the list of extra additions to your home. You can choose what you want to improve your home.

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