If your garage looks boring and lifeless, it's time to find creative ways to remodel it. Get your family's input as to how the garage can be designed but also keep your own goals for the design in mind. Don't go overboard with the trends when remodeling the garage because functionality is just as important as the beauty of the renovation. If you're hiring a designer you need to research his credentials and get references from customers he worked with. Before you renovate the garage you should get rid of excess clutter and clean it thoroughly. Here are creative ways to remodel your garage.

DIY Fun  Room

More people today are using the garage as a game room and if you have teenage boys this is ideal for them. Purchase one or two arcade games for your boys to entertain friends with and also include a pool table, dart board and table tennis equipment. For the boys who like basketball, install a huge basketball stand and place some basketballs in a colored storage bin. Place a refrigerator in the garage to place soft drinks and water in and install a cabinet for chips, cookies and candies. Paint a mural of people playing arcade games or sports on the wall.

Rent Out Your Garage

Why use the family basement as an extra room to rent out when you can turn the garage into a one bedroom apartment? Before you take on this task it is important that you find out what the zoning restrictions are to avoid legal issues. You should create a functional and safe apartment in the garage and it should look stylish for the tenant. Be sure you get rid of longtime grease stains and dirt from the garage floor before putting down new flooring for the apartment. Decorate the apartment with cool decorative items and put functional appliances and furniture in the garage. Make sure that the plumbing and electricity are up to par to avoid hazards.

Stylish Laundry Room

If you don't want cars in the garage you can turn it into a stylish laundry room.  Put a stacked washer/dryer in the laundry and you can create two to three rows of shelves in the garage to store your laundry baskets, soap powder, gallons of bleach and other things needed to wash clothes with. Paint the garage wall a neat color such as turquoise, light yellow, mocha or a pastel green to add some life to the garage. Put a comfortable sofa and rug in the garage along with a flat screen TV and stereo set.


Your garage doesn't have to look drab when you use the above mentioned ideas. Get some inspiration from interior decorating magazines and personalize the garage with family photos and crafts the kids made. Maintain safety standards when remodeling the garage and hire licensed and experienced contractors for the job. Finally, enjoy your renovation and get your family and friends involved in the project.

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