We all know about the kitchens that are furnished with the latest sleek appliances and expensive furniture but do you really need these in order to have a functional and attractive kitchen. If you visit the local flea markets you can create all kinds of themes for the kitchen. The key is to figure out the design you want for the kitchen and to then check out multiple flea markets to get the things needed for those designs. You don't want to clutter your kitchen with flea market finds but instead develop a theme and organize your purchases. Keep a budget when shopping at the flea market to avoid overspending.

Create A Cozy Country Kitchen

To create a country kitchen you can paint the walls a neutral tone such as beige, white or light gray. Purchase a wooden rounded table from the flea market and place it in the middle of the kitchen floor. Buy a glass or porcelain vase from the flea market and stuff it with flowers such as sunflowers, daisies or violets to add color to the home. Drape the kitchen windows with nice white or light brown curtains and purchase an old school cupboard to store pantry items in.

Paint Your Cabinets Antique White

If you bought some vintage cabinets from the flea market, you may want a new color for them. Paint the cabinets antique white because this color works well for any kind of kitchen. Antique white also blends with other colors in the kitchen and it gives your kitchen a rustic look. Once you paint the cabinets you can decorate them with stenciled floral or polka dot designs for extra flair.

Vintage Food Related Posters

Vintage posters are colorful and filled with interesting slogans and for the kitchen you can put vintage food related posters on the kitchen walls. The flea market usually has old school promotional posters from food companies such as Hershey's, Kellogg's, M&M Mars, General Mills and Del Monte. These posters add nostalgia to your kitchen.

Put A Tiffany Chandelier Over Kitchen Island

Some flea markets sell vintage Tiffany chandeliers and since Tiffany lamps are known for the mosaic of colors, these chandeliers work nicely for the kitchen. Put a medium sized Tiffany chandelier over the kitchen island and you'll have a more beautiful yet traditional looking kitchen that guests will love.

Put Wicker Baskets in Kitchen

You need adequate storage for the kitchen other than your cabinets and wicker baskets offer good storage. Buy five or more wicker baskets from the flea market then paint each basket a different color. Label each basket and fill the baskets with the pantry items you use the most. For example, if you have canned goods you can store those that do not fit in the cabinets inside one of the wicker baskets.

In conclusion, it's possible to renovate your kitchen cheaply using mostly items and furniture from the flea markets. Using flea market items also add a vintage and sophisticated touch to the kitchen.

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