A home renovation project can be an expensive proposition, if not properly planned for. No matter why you are renovating your house – be it for personal use or for resale – it is important to know which areas of the house you need to concentrate on to get the biggest bang for your buck. Even if you plan on living in your home for the foreseeable future, renovations ought to be done in such a way that it caters to the needs of other people. That way, in case you end up having to sell your property, you won’t need to undertake further major remodeling. 

Areas to concentrate on when remodeling homes

The Kitchen

Over the years, the kitchen has evolved to be more than just a space for cooking. Because of the impact kitchen design has on the rest of the house, a good kitchen renovation has an ROI of about 75-85%. When remodeling homes, make sure that the kitchen is well-designed and serves as a social space as well. When remodeling the room, you may have to change the floor plan to make it more efficient. If a buyer sees that the kitchen has already been renovated, they will be thrilled and could offer a higher price for the property. 

The Bathroom

The state of the bathroom plays a major role in dictating the value of a property and renovations have a high ROI of around 75%. When remodeling the house, pay close attention to the state of the bathroom. Remember to fix major issues such as mold, leaky faucets, etc. Even if the rest of the house is good looking, an ill-maintained bathroom could be a deal breaker. 

The family room

After the kitchen and the bathroom, the family room carries the highest ROI (~72%). Making the living room cheery and bright will definitely improve the value of the property. When remodeling the house, consider adding a vaulted ceiling which will make the room look larger. Making a few aesthetic additions such as skylights, French windows, etc. could go a long way as well. 

The Deck

Adding a deck is possibly the best investment these days (ROI 70-90%). A deck instantly expands available living space and could provide a vacation-at-home experience. If you are adding a deck when remodeling the home, make sure that it complements the exterior of the property. Decks are more popular than swimming pools, and relatively easier to build.
Apart from the options mentioned here, working on the building’s exterior and the master bedroom when remodeling homes could also provide great returns.

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