Almost all home renovation projects are expensive undertakings. Therefore, if you are going to renovate your bathroom, it would be a good idea to calculate your expenses beforehand to determine whether you can afford the remodeling or if it would be a better idea to defer it for a few months. Even though it can be hard to determine exactly how much it will cost you because of the variables involved, you can get a rough estimate by considering certain factors.
Here is a look at some of the costs you need to factor in when you renovate your bathroom.

Costs to consider when you renovate your bathroom

Scale of the project
As the renovation becomes more extensive and complicated, the associated costs would increase. Addition of new fittings, relocating existing ones, etc. will cost a tidy sum. Make sure that you think things through before starting the renovation. If you are on a tight budget, you could even consider staggering the renovation over a few months.

Removal of old fittings

If done by professionals, removing the toilet, bathtub, old ceramic tiles, etc. can be expensive. However, the work will be done quickly with minimal fuss. Weigh the pros with the cons before deciding. If you have the time, you could even do the removal work yourself. Even if you make minor mistakes, it will be covered up in the refurbishment process.

New fixtures

More often than not, addition of new fixtures account for the biggest chunk of the budget when you renovate your bathroom. Calculating your expenses here is pretty easy. All you have to do is decide what you want, and add up the cost. The price of new fixtures will depend on the size of the space, your preferences, fittings that are being replaced, etc.


Unless you are really sure of your skills, hire a professional contractor to renovate your bathroom. While this will increase the overall cost of the project, the risk of ruining your new bathroom – which will be even more expensive – is minimized.

Special expenses

It is always a good idea to budget for unexpected issues such as mold, a leak, electrical problems, etc. Clearing them up will require professional assistance, which will drive up remodeling costs. If you choose to renovate your bathroom without solving such issues, the appearance of the remodeled space could get ruined quickly. Issues like mold could even jeopardize your health.

By planning and budgeting properly before you renovate your bathroom, you will be able ensure that the project proceeds smoothly without becoming too expensive.

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