With a premium being placed on the price of houses these days – especially in urban areas – living spaces are becoming smaller and smaller. As with every other room, kitchen sizes have also decreased considerably over the past couple of decades. However, there is no reason why you should give up on having a stylish kitchen just because the space in limited. Renovation for a small kitchen is not as hard as it may seem at first.

Renovation for a small kitchen: Some ideas

Open spaces

Tiny kitchens with overhead cabinets could make you feel claustrophobic. Moreover, being surrounded by closed storage spaces could also make it hard to find and reach the items you need. If you can be properly organized, consider opting for open storage. When planning the renovation for a small kitchen, consider adding pot racks, magnetic knife holders, etc. which will help make the room look more spacious.

Focus on functionality

When considering renovation for a small kitchen, you should focus more on functionality than form. Let’s face it, since space is limited, you won’t be able to use it anything other than preparing food. Make sure that you have added all the work areas and appliances you need. To save space, opt for small and innovative appliances like freezer drawers, single sinks, small microwaves, etc. Combine it with an open floor plan to make the room look larger.

Variety in materials

Use a combination of different materials when you are renovating a small kitchen. However, you will have to ensure that the materials you choose go well with each other. A mix of wood, metal and other materials in the design will help spice up a space which may otherwise be lacking interesting architectural elements. Using different hues of the same color could also help unify the space.


More often than not, flooring is the first thing that people notice when walking into a room. Since space is limited, you may be able to afford a wider range of flooring options. Traditional favorites like linoleum can be installed in eye-catching designs to define the room better. You may even be able to afford more expensive options like marble which – while hard and cold underfoot – will last for a long time.

Whether you love in a high-rise or in a small home in the suburbs, use these ideas when planning the renovation of a small kitchen to make the space both beautiful and functional.

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