The master bedroom is supposed to be a space for rest and relaxation. The type of lighting that is used in the room plays a major role in creating a calm environment. When you are planning for your master bedroom renovation, you should also consider your lighting requirements, and make necessary adjustments. For example, if you like to read before going to sleep, a small table lamp that is easy to operate would be a great addition.

 Different lighting options for a master bedroom renovation

Generally, a master bedroom consists of a combination of different lights, and you need to be aware of the options to plan your master bedroom renovation properly.
- If you are planning to read in bed, the addition of bedside lighting should be considered. There are several options available to you in this regard and you can pick one that suits your decor. Instead of traditional options such as swing arm lamps, table lamps, down lamps, etc., you could choose overhead lighting. This is more contemporary and helps create a dramatic effect.
- Bedroom walls tend to be a reflection of the owner’s personality and only rarely do they lack decorations. After you have completed your master bedroom renovation, you may be considering hanging up a few photographs or paintings on your wall. In that case, decorative lighting, which highlights the item, could be a great option to draw attention to a particular piece.
- Apart from highlighting wall decorations, decorative lighting can also be used enhance the decor of the space. Track lighting, which is a contemporary form of decorative lighting, can be both functional and form-enhancing, if properly positioned.

- During your master bedroom renovation, you will have to tackle various questions regarding lighting. You will have to decide where all the lights are going to be placed, what the distance between the lamps will be, etc.  Lights should be installed in such a way that it makes your bedroom look warm and cozy, without causing eye strains.

- Consider ways in which you can save power when undertaking the master bedroom renovation. Adding LED lights instead of traditional halogen lamps will reduce power consumption substantially, without compromising on brightness. Also consider adding dimmers to the lamps. This will help control the brightness of the room, along with electricity use.
- The task of creating a comfortable and relaxing bedroom is in your hands. When planning for your master bedroom renovation, don’t overlook lighting needs. It could massively impact your experience of the room.

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